June 2006

Rain delay & liveblogging.

Rain_1 So you know how in the story of Noah and the Ark, God doesn’t like the way the world’s going, so He sends a big old flood to set things right?

Hmmm. Maybe Someone doesn’t like the way tonight’s game is going…

Let’s Go Mets!

Back to the game now, after a couple scoreless innings (for us that is. Yankees got another run)…

Um…Top of the 7th and we’ve got 1 hit?

Here’s what Zoe would like to know: Where the heck did our offense go? Forgive me if I sound a tad bitter. I’ll change my tune if you show me a hitter!

Come on boys!!

10:10 PM, bottom 7th: We’ve got two more at bats to save this game. And three more not to screw up.

10:16 PM: Good job, El Duque. Now let’s get some run support. Cliffy, you lead off like nobody’s business, okay!?

10:23: Yeah, Cliffy ground out and Valentin popped up. 4 outs left in this game to, oh I dunno, HIT something? 

10:25: Make that 3 outs left. Sanchez was warming up in the bullpen. C’mon Duaner.

The boyfriend is telling me that making him watch the game at this point is like making him watch a child be beaten. Melodramatic much, Rob?

10:29: :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  Jeter gets a double.

10:32: Yankee fans boo their own A-Rod as he pops up for the second out. Duaner’s not pitching to Posada. 

10:35: David Wright catches a pop up and smiles briefly to Reyes. The boyfriend says, "Why is he smiling? I’m not smiling. Do I look like I’m smiling?" On to the top of the 9th.

10:40: Camera closes in on David Wright’s look of despair. 2 outs.

10:43: It’s over.

El Duque pitched a decent game. We just couldn’t get a hit to save our lives.


Rob’s final thought of the evening: "Ever since you started your blog, the Metsies haven’t been doing too good. Maybe you should stop."

Cliffy’s back!!

Cliff_happyHe’s back in the line up! No pressure, Cliff. Just glad to have you back.

And David Wright just gave a superb interview on the SNY pre-show. It’s transcript-worthy, if anyone’s got the time and energy to type it out. I like how he said the Mets need to take their Sox sweep as motivation to work harder and get the fire going. AND he said some lovely, modest things about Derek Jeter. What a stand up guy that David Wright is.

Haven’t decided yet whether to watch the game home or at the bar, but I’m excited! And really, really hoping I get to stay that way! But in any case, at least I get to see my Cliff again.



P.S. Dognabbit. Nady out with a fractured wrist–but we can use Chavez defensively anyway. And Delgado still down with a sore rib cage. We’ve got Lo Duca DH-ing with a sore thumb, but I like Castro as catcher. Boy can he throw some outs. Still, please get healthy Mets!

No doubt asking for it…

Girly_mets_shirtI’m not sure how long I’ll leave this post up, but since it’s my place to dish about what I want to, I’ma gonna make a response.

Perhaps you’ve noticed I like to include humor in as many aspects of my life as possible. It was in the spirit of making someone smile that I commented on someone else’s baseball blog:

"This is a RHETORICAL question–but when I’m at the pub watching the Mets/Yankees games, why do fans of both teams ask me to take my top off? Because Mets fans? That won’t help them win. And Yankees fans? Dream on."

The response this female blogger gave me was that I "set female fans back 30 years."

Uh oh! I mentioned the very real fact that sometimes as a female fan, you get catcallled. And then I made a joke about it! In my opinion, it’d be more of a setback for female fans if we pretended that obnoxious male fans don’t exist. Thankfully, they’re quite few in number. For this I am grateful. But so far every time I’ve retorted back to an overanxious guy with a quick, witty comment, I’ve been subsequently left alone. I think if I had lectured, showed offense, or moved to another location, etc. etc., that’d be seen by the obnoxious guy as a "win" for them. Not as a "lesson."

However, if that’s what a woman in that situation wants to do? Go for it. More power to her. I’ll support however any female fan wants to react in an unfortunate situation that just sometimes happens.

And by the way? I love my pink hat. I also have a dark blue one. I have a regular blue colored Mets t-shirt and a baby blue one. And I feel anyone who disdains my pink gear should start worrying about their own selves. More than anything, what have we women fans gotten in the past 30 years? Choices.

To each her own.

Shake it off and show us what you got!

Rally_copy Ok, boys, we’re ready for your triumphant return. Forget that you’re in the other guy’s ballpark. Forget that you’re playing by their newfangled DH rules.

Go out and show us what you’re made of. Because we’ll be rooting for you HARD CORE.

I really hope the Mets cream the Yanks tonight. We need the psychological comeback. But also? The Mets give great play, and we haven’t seen that so much in the past few days. Come on, El Duque. We need you there. Focus. Focus. Focus.

(Oh, and Trachsel and Soler? NOW would be a great time to reverse those last few outings and become hometown heroes!!)

Let’s Go Mets!



I miss you Cliffy!

Cliffy_love_copy_4I miss you Cliffy, oh yes I do. I miss you Cliffy, and I’ll be true. When you’re not with us, I’m Oh! So! Blue!

Oh, Cliffy I miss you!

6th Inning!!


Then again, my Mom always taught me not to taunt the evil eye…


We’re building a narrative.

Books_plus_baseball You know what goes well together? Story-telling and baseball. Every great moment in baseball history is part of a bigger picture–a rich history that spans from one year ago to a bazillion years ago. Velociraptor_copy_1You know, when velociraptors were first learning how to throw a curve ball. So let’s take a moment to look at the past two Mets-Sox games within the larger  narrative.

Think about every sports movie you’ve ever seen. There’s a formula, 9 times out of 10. Two teams match up. One the hero, one the wily opposition. The story begins with an early battle. Despite your love for the hero team, they lose terribly and hurtfully to the opponent. (Oh no!) But time passes. Our hero team works hard–often under the auspices of a trusty mentor. They get better and better. They turn out to be something amazing. Then, at the end of the story, when it’s time for another head-to-head match up with their toughest competition? The hero team pulls through and turns out a winning game for the record books.

The Sox already had their narrative. Twice. First, in the stunning 2004 AL playoffs, when they came from behind famously to win four games in a row and then the World Series. Happy ending!? Hear that? Ending.

But no, Sox fans aren’t happy yet. There’s still that little bugaboo about twenty years ago when we beat them for the championship. They’re waiting for the next big Mets-Sox battle so they can redeem themselves. Oh wait. That’s already happened. Boston wins decidedly in two straight games (hopefully not three!), creaming the poor Mets to regain their dignity. Happy ending. Ending.

Boston? Your story is now over.

It’s our turn.

The Mets story begins with a devastating series against Boston way back in late June, 2006. One of our biggest heroes, Pedro Martinez, just doesn’t get the job done. Our boys hang their heads as the curtain closes on Act 1. Act 2 is starting, when they’ll get better and better–under the auspices of Willie and his crew. And when Act 3 comes? (If the popular conception that the Mets will meet the Sox in the World Series this October actually comes true, that is!) When we next meet the Boston Red Sox, we’ll be the hero team. Our story hasn’t finished yet. By all the rules of narrative–so beloved to baseball fans everywhere–it’s our turn next.

So watch out!!



Sad face

Sadface I’m back early–only 11 PM!–from the party I went to (crowded! hot! trendy!), and the boyfriend and I just watched the end of the game on DVR.

Let’s just say at the party there was an open bar. And I had a few. (By which I mean, I had 2 drinks. As a not huge drinker, Zoe has a low tolerance. Or, in common parlance, we might say she is a "cheap date." Especially at an "open bar.")

Needless to say…even only seeing the last few minutes…

I don’t. Want. To talk. About it.

How am I going to sleep?


But feel free to say things to make me feel better.



A funny!!

Ok, so not related to baseball or my novel, but I just posted a video on my author blog, and boy did it make me laugh. (For all interested, what follows the video is the hilarious and embarrassing story of my first reading! Make sure you read to the end for the best part.)

By the way, you all know that my novel is really, really good right? Funny, page-turning, and so far (thankfully!) much beloved by readers.

Yes, my audience is primarily women, but if you’re a guy, I guarantee you that your wife/girlfriend/sister/mom/cousin/aunt/etc. will love receiving a copy as a gift. And so far the guys who’ve read it have been surprised at how much they enjoy the novel!

Come on, support a Mets fan!! (And a superfan, at that!)



2 out of 3!

Mets_sox_pedro So, yeah, the outcome of last night’s game was nowhere near what we Mets fans wanted it to be. As you can see below, I drowned my sorrows in drink and laughter. (But not together, because wine out the nose is not so cute.) Now I’m here to say that friends, we can learn from our mistakes.

From the very first at bat, luck was not on our side. For the first time in 8 games, not only did Jose Reyes not get a lead off hit, but he reduced to splinters what was no doubt a lucky bat. And then…Soler. Oh, Soler. 42 pitches in the first inning? Really?? Not to mention giving up 2 runs and nearly walking Varitek with bases loaded. Ouch. But you saw the game. Leaving the bases loaded twice, Jose’s NERVE-WRACKING collapse, Milledge’s miscalculation. Yada yada yada. The Mets could not get a break. Oh, unless it’s Jose’s shoulder!

So what, exactly, did we see? Our young stars cooled off. Big deal. Reyes and Wright had a tough night. You could see the pressure on David Wright’s face before he stranded 3 men on base–and the extreme frustration afterwards. But you know what? Not even David Wright is going to grand-slam every time he gets the chance. And did we really believe that Reyes was never going to cool off? He’s had a hot streak that gives new meaning to caliente, and what kind of heart and dedication does it take to come back into the game after a blow like that? Many, many kudos to Jose Reyes for sticking it out. According to the New York Times, he said: "I don’t know if I’m going to feel sore tomorrow, but right now I feel good." I think I speak for us all when I exclaim: Phew! But still, I’m waiting for the update.

What else did we learn? Well, the boyfriend and I feel that Lastings just isn’t ready for the majors. Yes, he’s talented. Yes, he’s the future. But have you been watching the games lately? Other teams are learning how to pitch to him, and he’s no stranger to rookie mistakes. The guy just needs some more games, some more at bats. He’ll get there. We’ve gotten into a groove, lately, of looking for the next young star. Reyes and Wright may have spoiled us. But luckily? With the strengths of our veterans, we can afford a couple of off days for the young’uns. (At least, if the pitching’s there, but more on that in a bit.)

Delgado, Beltran, Marrero–not so bad, right? Delgado’s home run especially impressed me. I’m still waiting for Cliffy to come back, though, because I think we’ve got greatness still to see.

Now, Soler. Oh, Soler. You’re going to be hearing a lot about "consistency" with this one. Two superb starts, two rotten, rotten ones. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what he does next. But where’s Banny? Still nursing the hammy? Remember Bannister? I thought he showed a lot of promise, and he looked like he was gonna come back there for a second–until he hopped back on the DL. The question remains whether he’s still injured, or whether he’s not in the rotation because we’ve got enough starters. And then there’s the other question, if he’s actually pretty healthy: Bannister, or Soler? I want to see more of Bannister–that much I know.

Okay, kids. Tonight’s the nail-biter. And I won’t even be able to watch it! I’ve got to head off to a magazine launch party. But I’ll be setting my DVR. Boston couldn’t wait to show Pedro the love, and how adorable was he? You could tell how touched our Pedro was. Now, Mets, can you actually get the guy a win? I think the boys are going to rally. They’re a bit more familiar with Fenway now, they’re hungry to redeem themselves. We’ll see how Reyes and Nady are faring after taking some blows, but it’s good to know that our team is strong enough for the rest of the line up to step to the plate and perform like crazy.

Let’s Go Mets!!