Only Days Left!!

All_star_2 Our boys are feeling the love!! Have you voted your tush off yet?

And have you voted all 25 times per email address?

And then, maybe, used other email addresses? So that you spend your hours only voting for the All Star game?

Our boys need you!! Online voting alone will determine the outcome for Lo Duca, Jose Reyes, David Wright, and Carlos Beltran.

So what are you even doing reading this? Vote, people!




I have used about 12 different alias to vote for David Wright and the rest of the crew. I will bookmark your page and i wish you nothing but the best in Mlblogs community!. Also come be a Wrightoholic in which weekly newsletter’s go out. Email me at or leave a comment on my page.


Hey!! Thanks for becoming a Wrightoholic!!!
And don’t worry girl if you can throw like a infant, I can bat like one LOL We’ll make our own team!!!


The Wrighter @ Wrightoholics

does he really need help getting in? best 3B in the NL…next to Miggy!


Ah, but it’s about showing the love. D-Wright may win, but let’s show him just how devoted we are. And I’m not talking just Wright. The whole team’s got my vote–even with a write in for Valentin at 2nd base! (He’s been getting it done, no?)

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