A Moment of Live Blogging

Okay, so it’s the top of the 5th, and Milledge just botched Manny Ramirez’s pop up to take the score to 5-2 Sox. I’m about to pop open a bottle of white I’ve got chilling in my freezer (a publication gift) and hunker down to keep rooting for the team.

But blogging a giggle or two can’t hurt, right? Am I the only one who guffawed when the camera closed in on Johnny Pesky and one of the announcers asked: "Do you think he minds that there’s graffiti all over his pole?"

And it was nice to see Jim Rice on the field at the beginning of the game. Being Zoe Rice myself, you can imagine I see him at all the family picnics. Just kidding. My family doesn’t picnic.

Ba dum dum.



Nice blog..ANyway I am torn who to root for I am a big REd Sox fan and a big mets fan cant decide.


Knew you weren’t going to be happy when Reyes crashed into Tek. Lots of fantasy owners holding breath, too.




I predicted on MLB Radio/TV that the Mets are going to the World Series. I hope, they don’t let me down? They didn’t play too well tonight.

Let’s see what happens.



Funny, you look Irish 8)

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


Kaylee: Easy choice there! Mets!! But there’s logic to it: Sox fans are used to rooting for the underdog. We haven’t won in 20 yrs!

But lordy, we’re gonna have to knock on wood and spit away the evil eye with mentions of the W*rld S*ries.

I confess to much superstition when it comes to taunting that evil eye…

okay the red sox do not need another world series they got theres in 2004 right?GOOO Mets

Nah. We need another 21 if nothing more than to shut up the Yankee fans🙂

And you think we don’t need to shut up Yankees fans!? For real!?

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