Sad face

Sadface I’m back early–only 11 PM!–from the party I went to (crowded! hot! trendy!), and the boyfriend and I just watched the end of the game on DVR.

Let’s just say at the party there was an open bar. And I had a few. (By which I mean, I had 2 drinks. As a not huge drinker, Zoe has a low tolerance. Or, in common parlance, we might say she is a "cheap date." Especially at an "open bar.")

Needless to say…even only seeing the last few minutes…

I don’t. Want. To talk. About it.

How am I going to sleep?


But feel free to say things to make me feel better.




Pedro got much love from the Red Sox fans tonight (I was there and one of the Sox fans giving the love)…

Don’t know if that’ll cheer you up any – but I figured it was nicer than rubbing it in. 🙂

Um, let’s see, “Major League Baseball plays the longest regular season of any sports league and thus one day does not a season make.” Or better yet, “One more day till Mets vs. Yankees.”


Please do not seek revenge upon us.
Hold that frustration/retaliation until Friday, then let it all out with a vengence.

Mark, I am liveblogging 7/1/06 for the Mets vs. Yanks.

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