July 2006

I don’t really want to talk about it…but.

DuanerNady_1<span style="color: ***************,******,****** news. The Mets prized bull pen has suffered a huge blow, losing Duaner Sanchez for the season.

Trust me. I wish I were kidding.

Some stupid Miami taxi cab ferrying our beloved, talented Duaner got into an accident on Sunday night, necessitating surgery on Duaner Sanchez’s pitching shoulder. I honestly can’t say any more about it because I’m too upset.

Adding to Mets fans’ feelings of loss, we’re forced to say good-bye to Xavier Nady, or X-ie as I’ve liked to call him. In the abstract, I thought about trading him, but only as an alternative to Lastings Milledge. And now that Lastings is sure to come up from the minors, I miss X-ie.

X-Man, you did good for us this year.

In return for Nady, we get Pittsburgh pitchers Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez

ESPN.com has the story here.

If you want to send me pictures of kittens and puppies to cheer me up, that would be nice.

I’m a sad girl.

Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey hey hey. Good-bye.

7_30_beltranGlory hallelujah!

When was the last time the Mets swept the Braves in a three-or-more-game series? 1985, mother pluckers! When I asked Rob if he liked his birthday present from the Mets, he replied: "Yeah, I like watching them kill someone and then bury them." And not just any someone. The Braves! Can you say FIFTEEN games ahead of them!? Oh the joy is good, the joy is good.

Okay. We’ll get this over with right from the start–our Tommy Glavine was off, as he’s continued to be his last few starts. He’d be the first to tell you so. But with our boys beating out NINETEEN hits, he could afford to have a bad day.  Honestly, when Reyes gets that 1st inning lead off hit, the game just goes our way. We need you, Rey. And it’s good to have you back going stronger.

But today really belonged to the Carloses. After getting plunked in the knee yesterday, Carlos Delgado came back in the line up and started the day with a 2 RBI homer! That brought the Mets to 92 first inning runs for the season. (By the way–I just made a typo and accidentally typed "funs" instead of "runs." But that’s what the **** a Mets first inning run is, isn’t it? It’s a fun.) Add in a rare misplay by Andruw "Can’t Spell My Own Name" Jones, and Wright rounded the bases on Nady’s pop up to give us a 3-0 cushion right from the start.

Then, in the 2nd, Carlos Beltran followed base hits from Glavine and Reyes and a walk from Lo Duca with his third grand-slam in one month (which makes CB only the 9th Major League player to ever do so!). When the camera panned to Willie Randolph in the dugout, even he was mouthing "Wow!" Wow indeed, Willie!

We’re 14 games ahead of the Phillies now, as they say farewell to Bobby Abreu who (if you’re living under a rock and don’t know yet) is off to the Yankees.

Braves_no_3Lesson to the Braves: When you go into a series trash talking how you’re going to slam your opponents, the Evil Eye comes and gets you hard. Our boys are in it to win. They won’t accept anything else.

My favorite quote of the day? Gary Cohen’s "This isn’t what Bobby Cox is used to."


Looking ahead, let’s hope for good things from Mike Pelfrey–although it would make the decision between him and John Maine harder, indeed. But to be in a position of choosing between too many good starters is just the problem we need.

My only concern right now is Cliff Floyd’s Achilles heel. He was out of the game today at the last minute with soreness, and I’m desperately wishing an injury doesn’t put a stop to what’s looking to be a fine second half for my #30.

We get a day of rest, fellow fans. Let’s bask a little! (But you know, not too much. KINNAHURA, you nasty Evil Eye!)

And Let’s Go Mets!



Mets say: Happy Birthday, Rob!

7_29_el_duque_copyCan you say 14 games ahead of Atlanta? Because I can! The Braves officially have no chance of winning this series, and I find myself in the rare situation of not really caring if our team loses tomorrow.

Because did you see today’s game? Did you see it!? El Duque ROCKED the Braves like he was Columbus discovering America and telling them, "Sorry, but we’re about to genocide your a*ses out of existence. (Hey, it’s their politically incorrect team name, not mine.)

For his birthday today, Rob wanted nothing more than a devestating loss for the Braves and a killer win for the Mets. Happy Birthday, Rob! How’s 11-3!? It would have been an even better game if errors from Wright and Reyes hadn’t been responsible for those 3 pesky runs (can you picture how sweet an 11-0 shut out would have been!?), but how can we complain?

7_29_endy_beltranSome highlights: Two stunning homers and 5 RBIs for our Road Warrior, Carlos Beltran. Beltran’s now hit 30 home runs this season, tying the franchise record (with Mike Cameron) for a center fielder. Four hits from catchtastic Lo Duca, despite visible grimacing at the pain in his thumb. An amazing outing from El Duque at the exact time he needed to prove his consistency. He retired 17 batters in a row before giving up an insignificant hit in the 8th inning. AND our Duq got his very first career RBIs in the 6th.

By the way–what a Metstastic 6th inning! 7 runs from our special, special boys. Followed by a 7 pitch bottom of the inning for El Duque. How’s them apples?

Moral of the story: I’d say Atlanta needs pitching a helluva lot more than we do.

I hope Delgado’s okay after getting beaned in the knee in the 3rd. But I’d expect to see him back tomorrow, and boy did Julio Franco step up to the challenge.Our bench stayed hot, with excellent production from Franco (including another geezer stolen base!) and "Happy Endy" Chavez (whose two crucial hits–one a triple–earned him 3 RBIs).

Besides the errors, the only thing that could have made the game better was different commentary. Oh, Fox commentators. Among this afternoon’s gems about the Mets: "They’re winning a lot of baseball games. And that’s exactly what you do when you win. You have fun." Really? I thought you drove spikes through your eyes. And then, of course, there was this brilliant wisdom about Steve Trachsel: "He’s a professional pitcher." Hey, I didn’t know that!

Okay, Glavine. The pressure’s off for now. Go out tomorrow, have fun, and…you know…a sweep in their own ballpark would be pretty dang awesome

Physical_karaokeTonight’s activities will feature Rob’s favorite birthday outing: Singing at the top of our lungs. Honest to goodness, if karaoke has "Meet the Mets," Rob will belt it out.



Pedro’s back!

Martinez_and_doggies_1Time for Pedro to stop gardening and playing with his doggies…and pitch the game of his life against Atlanta.

Are you ready Pedro? We need you to be ready! AND we need our team to score you some runs.

Big time.

Come on, Metsies. We need this series. Make it ours.

We believe!



You GOTTA see this one!

Picture_0312_1 The silver lining on my last trip to Shea on Tuesday (Glavine’s loss) was that I finally went to my first batting practice!

The photo album is a can’t-miss for any Mets fan.

I was on the right end of the dugout, where several Metsies got close to me–but none signed anything, alas. Lovely David Wright by far signed the most autographs and posed for pics with fans–but only the "special pass" fans between home plate and the dugout. HOW can I get one of those special passes??

Jose Reyes signed a bit as well, and Willie signed a kid’s ball. 3rd base coach Manny Acta especially came over to the dugout to sign autographs. Hmmm, 3rd base seems to be devoted to the fans this year, huh?

SNY’s Chris Cotter was right in front of me, and I even saw MLBlogs own Casey Stern head into the dugout, never to be seen again.

Unfortunately, the most annoying baseball girlfriend of all time had to stand right next to me. Despite barely knowing who anyone was, she kept haranguing her boyfriend to toss her hat to the players to get an autograph–repeatedly asking, "Is he anyone?" because she only wanted specific players. She felt entitled to an autograph because she had come so early. As if the rest of us had just strolled in at 6PM. The girl’s piercing screams to D-Wright and Cliff made me embarassed to be next to her. AND she booed Lo Duca. Do you hear that? Chick booed Lo Duca! Because he didn’t sign anything for her.

That’s when, indeed, I turned to her and said: "Don’t boo Lo Duca." Because I stand up for our boys.

But the final straw came when she screamed "Cliff Floyd!" at every single big black man. EVEN THE CUBS. Granted, the Cubs workout jackets are a similar color to ours, but come on, Chick. You’re *****.

Enjoy the July 25 album!



Third loss in a row makes Zoe cry.

Rob likes his Mets beer.

He’s concentrating on it, so he’s got some D-Wright tongue going on.

Bradford in

You Know Who!

Bet he’s wishing for a refund