Even Jasper’s a Mets fan!

In his jaunty little cap! And my #30 tee.

Met_pet_cap_2_1 But watch the video and see Jasper tell you himself where his loyalties lie.

Jasper says that the Mets will show the Cubs who Papa Bear is!

Trade deadline looms…what will Omar do?




Forgive me, Zoe, but Jasper looked like it was pretty hostile at being asked the question. Sick of the paparazzi, I guess…

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


Hmm, I tried to get a Mets Cubs prediction out of Jasper, but all he wanted to do was lick my hand…

I hear that’s a feline technique for predicting the future, akin to phrenology or palm reading.

I’m all down for keeping Floyd next year. He’d be way cheaper than Carlos Lee and wouldn’t cost us a draft pick like signing someone else’s free agent would. Plus, he’s Wright’s best friend. Let Nady walk and put Milledge in RF.
What’s Omar gonna do at the deadline?


Nice threads jasper! Great start for Cliffy, who’s promised his teammates he’s gonna be a factor in the second-half! In his time here, I’ve learned not to doubt him.
~Eddie @ Willie Ball


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