August 2006

The Latest in the David Wright Goatee Watch 2006

It is this blogger’s hypothesis that David Wright performs better when clean-shaven. Last time the Mets faced the Rockies, the David Wright goatee alert was on high. Sure we creamed ’em then, but NOW we’re creaming ’em with David Wright grand slams added in to boot. How shweet it is.

So Davey, ease up on the rebel chin hair, mmkay?

And D-Wright, I know you’re gasping in pain here after fouling off your foot. But I’ll just pretend you’re doing the David Wright Clean-Shaven Grand Slam Dance of Joy.




“Matador” + “Humidity?”

Keith_2I love what the Mets are doing to the Rockies. And I love Keith Hernandez in SNY’s announcer seat. I truly do!

But Keith? It’s just not called a "humididor."

Say it with me, bubbe. Humidor. Hew-mi-door.



Yeah, boyz!

What a fun game today! Our boys beat the Phils hard core 8-3. Yes, that Ryan Howard is a dangerous opponent, but one man does not a team make. The Mets are the perfect example of that!

And…did you happen to catch me at the Emmys? With my date Wentworth Miller? No? I’ll just share the pic, then. (What? I’ve never heard of this "photoshop" you speak of!)


Picture_0251_4Right now it’s Saturday night at 8:00 PM. Rob is at the game with his friend John. Not with me. Why? Because it’s a night game, dognabbit. And I’ve got to go pretty myself up now for my best friend’s birthday party. Here we are, many years after we first became gal pals, as 12-year-old Brooklyn girls!

Anyhoo. Somehow it’s the 4th inning and Oliver Perez is jumping and springily hopping all over the place because…hey…he’s not doing so badly! Of course NOW the Evil Eye will rear its ugly eyeness and smack us upside the head.

And Lieber’s pitching tonight. Which makes me think we’ve still got a tough road to travel. But Beltran’s 2-run homer has started the night off well, and I’ll just hope they WIN to give my best friend a great birthday gift!



Sweet Sweep

Sweep_2When I say Mets, you say Sweep!

Mets? (Sweep!) Mets? (Sweep!)

8_24_greenMan, that’s fun. Also, Shawn Green? Welcome! Nice to have a mensch join us and knock in an RBI in the process. L’chaim! Blintzes! Schlep! Other jewishy words!

8_24_delgado_green_1‘Twas also nice to see two old friends together after a gloriously unslumpy 2-RBI homer from our Carlos Delgado, giving us a better padded lead that we just wouldn’t give up.

But  now for the funnies! Because lately? SNY has given me more funnies than I can handle! But the first one comes from the Daily News, whose story today highlights how Carlos Delgado taped a yarmulke to his slippery bald head at Shawn Green’s wedding–and how Shawn Green salsa danced (or, um, tried to) at Carlos Delgado’s wedding. Awwww.

Funny number 2 comes from our beloved Keith Hernandez, who relished the idea of a weekend off from work until he realized he needed to come to the "office" for a pre-show tonight. However? He made sure we knew that "you can bet your sweet bippy that by the third inning, I’ll be home." The words "sweet bippy"? Have just entered my permanent vocabulary.

And finally, funny number 3 comes from our own loveable Willie Randolph, who continues to tease and joke with reporters after the games (the ones we win, at least!), showing off his new zany, unstoic demeanor and making us love him just a little bit more. 

I’m thrilled to see what Brian Bannister will do against the Phils. And as to our recent (continued) success? As Shawn Green might say, kinnahura! Let’s keep that jinxtastic Evil Eye far away!




8_22_beltran8_22_delgado_2 Yesterday, Rob asked if he could take his best friend–a major Cardinals fan–to the series opener against the Cards.

Being the saintly, loveable elf that I am, I responded, "Sure, babe."


I missed it! I missed the glorious Carloses in glorious action slamming out glorious RBI after RBI (including Carlos Delgado’s 400th career home run–a grand slam, no less) and then walking off with a magnificent first-pitch homer!

I did not, however, miss Rob later that night saying "It was amazing!"

And, well…it totally was, wasn’t it?

How much do you love our team today? Coming back from 7-1 to win the game in the ninth. It doesn’t get much sweeter.

Or maybe it does! Because Willie Randolph’s antics with the press afterwards were priceless. When asked where the stoic Mets manager went, Willie responded "I’m a chameleon." He couldn’t stop beaming the whole time, and even told the reporters they’ve got him all wrong. "You guys just don’t know me," he said gleefully. And the people who do know him? "Know that I’m a little weird, you know? A little crazy," said our Willie. Finally, he said to a reporter: "You should smile more yourself too, man." Hilarious.

What’s also hilarious? Pay close attention to the right side to see Jose Reyes and Lastings Milledge shaking out a victory dance. Adorable.

(Oh, and you don’t need me for the news of the day, do you? Shawn Green, in–Mazel tov! Glavine–in soon. Castro–out. Which of course means DeFelice–in. ****.) (And am I worried about the future of Cliff Floyd now that Green is in? Why yes, yes I am. But I’m still hoping my beloved Cliff will stay around to platoon one more year.)

Picture_107 8_22_beltran_walkoff 8_22_beltran_walkoff_2

Stoning the Rockies, ’86 Celebration Madness, and the return of the David Wright Goatee Watch 2006!

86_mets_5 There’s just…so much to blog about! Where to even start?

Picture_0011_6Okay, let’s start with Friday, August 18th, my 20th home game this season. (Pedro Martinez Gigantic T-Shirt Giveaway Day.) My at-Shea winning percentage is now an impressive .800, 16 wins and 4 losses. Fun for Zoe!

Picture_0321I got some great pics, including this awesome hit by David Wright (player of the game!) where you can see the ball whizzing off to do its damage against Colorado. Check out the whole amazin’ shebang in my latest thrill-filled photo gallery. Endy Chavez continued to perform his tushy off as well, and I would later learn (because I DVR even the games I attend) that Willie Randolph called Chavie his favorite player. Zoe Message to Endy Chavez: Please stay healthy. Zoe Message to Evil Eye: Screw you and go vacation in Canada.

86_mets_2Now, can we talk about the ’86 team for a minute? Because even SNY’s Gary Cohen admitted he teared up at Saturday night’s tribute, and Ron Darling clutched his heart and exclaimed that he was "ferklempt." I don’t need to go into details of the moving, ovationtastic ceremony. Y’all saw that too. But hello–did you happen to notice how hilarious Keith Hernandez was in the commentators’ booth for the remainder of the night? Rob thought he was blitzed, but I think he (and Darling) were just so ebulliently happy that they were overcome by sheer giddyness. And oh how I love a giddy sports analyst. The laughter in that booth was contagious and enjoyable.

Which leads us to a lovely segue into my next topic. Keith Hernandez? You are so metrosexual. He doesn’t look it, but Keith Hernandez is obsessed with clothing! More specifically, with uniforms. For a while now, he’s made sure we hear continuously about his favorite topic–socks. For Saturday and Sunday’s games, the Mets wore a modern version (meaning not skin-tight) of the ’86 uniform. Keith loved seeing his old duds, but nearly screamed in horror when Lastings Milledge showed up at bat wearing his usual high socks, in this case blue. An aghast Keith Hernandez exclaimed, "You need the stirrups!" Later on, he rhapsodized about lining up the piping along the side of the uniform so top and bottom seamlessly stripe down the side. As to Michael Tucker’s piping? Keith remarked: "Look how pretty that looks." But most funny of all, for the next day’s (Sunday’s) game, when Keith Hernandez saw how lined up El Duque’s side stripe piping was, he proclaimed we had to win the game because of that pretty uniform. This led Ron Darling to proclaim him the "Oleg Cassini" of baseball. I am so in love with that.

Picture_0491_4 But lest we leave the topic of grooming, it’s time for the latest entry in the David Wright Goatee Watch 2006. It’s ba-ack. Looks like our David’s rocking out his bad boy look once more. Of course Pete McCarthy and I discussed this hilariously during my "Under The Lights" radio appearance. Just as Willie’s auditioning starting pitchers for the post-season, I’m pretty sure our #5 is auditioning facial hair to see whether clean shaven, stubbly, or goateed will make it to October. Which do you like best? I’ll throw in a couple extra goatee pics to help the decision.


And nothing but the facial hair

The whole facial hair

Look what’s back, David Wright!