I Love Our Boys!

Okay, so in theory? Winning the game in the 11th inning due to almost slapstick-like errors from the other team isn’t the most ideal way to get a win. But for TV viewing? It’s SUPER FUN! What I loved most about yesterday’s awesome win was seeing the replays of reaction from the Mets dugout. Watching Willie Randolph pump his fist to see Ledee safe at first was a rare delight. And David Wright was pretty *******’ adorable waving his arms, mouth wide open with excitement. It was obvious how much the team wants to win–and seeing those elated faces made it absolutely contagious. You know, because we fans were just so lackadaisical about it before.

Let’s keep it up, fellas!!! All the way, baby.

Delgado_1 Ledee_home_2

Reyes_wright_2 Reyes_run_1


i love ur blog Zoe!
I wish we rooted for the same team, u’d be so fun to catch a game with! =)

Maybe i’ll see u at Shea or the Bronx for the subway series!!!😀

– Lo


You got that right. I was thinking “well how many more errors can they do?” I was watching it through FSN-FL and they said something like:”You can’t have that many errors against the Mets and have them not take advantage of it.” Well said indeed.


I love it when Willie gets pumped… I can’t wait to see them clinch… I hope they mob the field. I wanna see a pile-on!
~Eddie @ Willie Ball


That is the best picture i have ever seen (The mets with the yankee garbage bags, now its my new desktop backround) Of course the mets will clinch today at Pittsburgh so i wish myself the best of luck to not injure myself while im popping some champagne. I hope you do the same lol!



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