On ice…

Mets_on_ice_1 Rob and I may attend the unofficial viewing party tonight at McFadden’s if we’re in the mood to brave a crowd. Or we may go to our usual favorite Mets viewing spot, MJ Armstrong’s. But hopefully (please oh please!) there’ll be some celebrating tonight.

Still…the real goal remains an uncertainty. Will we be happy just to be division champions? We’ll cross that bridge in October. For now, GET THOSE CORKS READY TO POP!

Update: It’s looking like McFadden’s tonight for me and Rob. We’re going to try and get there a bit early to avoid the crowd rush. I’ll take pictures for the blog! And if you see me there, say hi!




Hey… I love McFaddens!! The last time the Mets won the division I was 9… so this has been a long time coming! There’s definitely more work to do this fall… but for now, I really hope they mob the mound tonight. lol
~ Eddie @ Willie Ball


Argh! If we weren’t leaving for PNC Park so early in the morning I’d drag TBF out and we could make it a foursome.

have a great time!


Oh, Zoe, I wasn’t copying you with today’s post! Once again you beat me to the punch…er, champagne.

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


Oh, don’t worry–after I posted this entry, I saw this and was horrified! I didn’t copy either!!

hey zoe, my buddy said he saw you there last night. matt ceronne and i had a table in the back. tough to watch! we had a great time anyway, maybe next time we will get a chance to meet. lets go mets!

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