September 2006

Tucker tries to tuck out

No hellos, but lots of ear bling!

A Mets trainer

Hi Trainer!


I shouted out “Thank you” as he breezed past. I hope he didn’t think it was sarcastic because he didn’t sign an autograph. I meant it. Thank you, Omar, for our team.

Zoe loves Cliffy!

Also, I bought the most adorable jersey. Not a women’s size, of course. Because MLB still thinks I’m a 10-12 year old boy.

Frank Robinson

The hall of famer got cheered as he left through the Mets Office exit. Rob and I just found ourselves there after staying late on line for the store. Hey…maybe if we hang around, we’ll see more lovely people exit the stadium!

Everyone cheers for Nick Johnson

Including David Wright.

Winners happy slappy

It’s so horrible to see someone in that much pain

He holds the hand of a teammate for support.

Oh man

We heard the horrible scream as they turned him over. Oh man oh man.

Nobody at Shea is happy