September 2006

Milledge at first!

Bucket Hat day!

Beautiful? Not so much. But fun!

Guess who?

Professor teaches us “Fireman”

Maine throwin’

Rob is silly.

My new kids hat turns my eyes into slits?

As usual, wearing my Youth (age 10-12) medium shirt. Do I really look like a 12 year old boy? Sigh.

Liz and J!

By sheer coincidence, we run into our friends on the subway. The friends whose going away party we attended the night before, in Brooklyn.

Sept 23 Maine win

My final game at Shea before the post-season. A 12-run win for Maine. Watching Nick Johnson’s leg breaking was truly difficult, that poor guy. But lo and behold, we hung around after the game to see some super-neato folks, including Omar Minaya and Chris Woodward!

MLB is losing tons of revenue

White_tee_bare_logo_1 How cute is this basic white tee? If you’re a girl fan? I bet you want it. If you’re a (straight) guy? I bet you want to see a girl in it. If only you could actually buy it.

Are you on the girly side, like I am? These two would be adorable:Baby_doll_tank_nyGray_cute_tee_copy


Or maybe you just want a basic tank or tee that actually fits well? And maybe comes down past the very top of your jeans?Blue_tank_ny_2Black_tee_2_2

Gray_long_sleeve_div_champsIn fact, here’s a WHOLE ALBUM of clothes where I bet all female Mets fans will be able to find at least one item they want. Well, too bad. These tops only exist in a land called Photoshop.

Yesterday, I ranted a bit about the lack of stylish, well-fitted Mets women’s clothing available for purchase. Metsgrrl vented her frustration as well over at her place. She acknowledged that I *heart* my pink Mets cap, even though she wouldn’t. But you know what I don’t ever want? A giant pink "Mrs. Wright" sweatshirt. After the age of, say, 21? A girl has to regulate the amount of pink she wears. MLB, please make note of that.

The crucial thing is: I’m girly and on the small size. Metsgrrl is not so girly, and has a much larger chest. We’ve got about as different sizes and different tastes as two female consumers can have. And yet we both HATE the available merchandise. That is certainly saying something.

This weekend I went shopping for a Mets jacket (which I got, an uninspired black kids medium, sigh) or maybe a long-sleeved tee or a tank (nothing good to be found). God, shopping should not be so depressing. I had a nice discussion with the owner of the club store on 42nd Street, and he completely agrees with me! His one dinky half-wall of women’s clothing just isn’t making him much money. He’d love to have more styles or fits available because–duh–women are the ones who buy these things! We buy different styles of a tee or tank rather than just one shirt with a player’s number on it. (Also, as Metsgrrl noted, it would be great to have other players’ numbers available besides David Wright’s–not to take anything away from dear David.) And have you been to Shea lately? There are a lot of women there!

MLB, trust me. You’re missing a superb opportunity to sell more merchandise–especially in New York, where a girl tends to like some style. Check out the album, and see if you can’t redesign something for us.

Help us support our team!

Help us. Help you.

Come on, women. Don’t you want some of these tops? And guys, don’t you want to see us in them?