October 2006

Mets Weekly on SNY

Rumor has it that the bloggeriffic final Mets Weekly will air Nov. 4th, 11:30 AM. I did my interview today, and I was more nervous than I thought I would be. But I tried to throw out some funnies, express my love for our team, and rock out some Mets quotes like only my crazy photographic memory can. Watch out for the expressive girl with the highlighted curls who gestures a lot.

Picture_0111_3Also, look out for 2 other adorable bloggers, Mets Grrl and Anthony from Hot Foot! (Anthony’s on the left at the beginning of my last post.)

After cameraman Max adjusted the camera to suit my height, I asked him "Is that the lowest you’ve ever had to make the camera?" His hilarious response? "Oh, no! We shoot a lot of kids."

Lordy I hope I don’t make a fool of myself on SNY!



Vote for Mustache! And…Zoë’s not gone yet.

Picture_0101_2First of all, I admit I’ve been surprised–very pleasantly so!–at how many Mets bloggers and blog readers have seen fit to include me and my quirky Metsies blog in their wide-spanning Mets experience. Like Hot Foot, for example (at left) and Mets Blog’s Matt (at right). Thanks to ALL! Bloggers and readers alike. Y’all rock!

Picture_0191_10I *really* didn’t expect that Matt would refer me to SNY to appear on Mets Weekly. Which he did. Just the other day. My first reaction? Ooh! Mets Weekly! Now I’m a real fan. (There’s no place like Shea. There’s no place like Shea.) My inner monologue seconds later? "Oh ****. I hate video cameras sooooo much." Reasons why? 1) High school insecurities return: I look so shiny! Where’d that double chin come from! Any girl will feel me on this, I know. 2) I have no filter between my brain and my mouth. This has actually helped me out in readings for Pick Me Up because it allows me to be self-deprecating and funny. But for TV? When you’re supposed to be speaking as an amateur expert (hee, oxymoron)? I don’t know, honestly, how I’ll come across. But then, I could never take myself too seriously anyway. 3) Um…so, when I emailed the SNY contact? She responded: "I think you know my colleague, Max." Oh, you mean Max who I drunkenly kissed on the cheek as a gesture of goodwill toward SNY? Someone who might not realize that I am naturally a friendly cheek kisser?

David_and_zoe_copy_5(By the way: I can’t tell you how many image searches for one particular image bring people to this site. Friendly cheek kiss! As in, I love our boy, but do not need to be called "Mrs. Wright.")

Anyhoo. I’m being filmed for SNY tomorrow afternoon. I’d expect embarrassing stories afterwards if I were you. And watch out for the final (aw shux) Mets Weekly! (Mets Grrl will be interviewed too. She of the eloquent and great on camera variety.)

Picture_0331_3SECONDLY (and more importantly), reader Peggy alerted me to the fact that MUSTACHE NEEDS US!! As in, We need to make Jose Valentin the Look Again Player of the Year!! BECAUSE DAVID ECKSTEIN IS WINNING BY A LOT! AND THAT IS SO NOT RIGHT!!

So, vote, my friends. Vote hard. And often. And spread the word.



The “We love you as a player AND as a man” Award.

Delgado_awardNo one deserves the Roberto Clemente Award more than my (close) 2nd favorite Met, Carlos Delgado. If you missed my buddy Mark Newman’s moving article about it, click here!

"Outstanding sportsmanship, community involvement and contribution to his team?" Delgado just might deserve this award every year.

Not to mention that our man makes this appearance while recovering from surgery! Carlos Delgado is the perfect example of smiling through the pain.

Picture_0581_3I love that our Carlos won this award for so many reasons, top among them: He is perhas the truest leader in the Mets clubhouse and in the dugout–and a font of notebook knowledge on every pitcher. He gives a brilliant smile and hug when a guy needs it, and man, can our Carlos hit. AND field. AND give superb interviews. AND do his all to help disadvantaged kids. AND make us all love him.

But best of all? He’s being honored in the name of his childhood hero–the man Delgado honors on the back of his uniform every day.

It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.


Celebrity Mets fans

Now, how many celebrity Mets fans were we treated to during postseason coverage? Jerry Seinfeld, Matthew Broderick, and Tim Robbins were among those with flawless baseball taste. But why didn’t we get to see the fairest of them all? I wonder if he was at any of the Dodgers games representing the beloved blue and orange. You go Michael Vartan with your Mets-loving self.

Vartan_mets xx


A couple pick me ups

Reyes_greenieBACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! A few posts back, I had YouTubed that hilarious moment when Reyes and Green headbopped away in the Mets dugout. Fox must have been patrolling YouTube with fine-toothed combs, however, and the video was forced to go bye-bye. But back to give you a smile, here are Reyes and Greenie having a laugh.

And of course, if you’re looking for a novel to also make you laugh and give you a few hours of fun…well, you know where to find it.



We weren’t supposed to get this far.

Picture_0031I haven’t yet read a single article or blog about last night–well, except my Cliffy’s. I’ve got to write my own take first–and once it’s down, I know I won’t be disappointed any more. Here’s what I wrote to Cliff Floyd at 2:38 AM:

We’re an injured team. We were supposed to be hobbled and down for the count before the counting ever began.

Well, that didn’t happen. Instead what happened was we made New York a Mets town again.

Picture_0051_1I remember all the way back at the beginning of the season when our standing in the division was #1, above the Braves. I almost took a screenshot of that, so I’d be able to show Rob that special Mets moment further–and lower–in the season. Because for my 3 years as a Mets fan to that point, that’s all I knew. I knew our team were fighters, but that maybe we just weren’t there yet.

Well, we are there. And we’re firmly ahead of schedule.

Omar Minaya thought he’d need 3 or 4 years to do what he’s done in 2. Look at the stunning trades he made to get us Maine, Perez, El Duque, Bert Hernandez, and all the others I know I’m missing. Getting Carlos Delgado was one of the most brilliant moves by any GM ever. (And Carlos, I love the **** out of you.) Omar’s a genius at creating a team. Not just a group with a certain skill set, or one able to fulfill certain strategies, which we’ve got. But a team. And it’s our team. Who other than the Mets, in all of baseball, better suits that word? No one. Thank you, Omar. Thanks for this special year.

We’re down Pedro Martinez, El Duque, Duaner Sanchez, Cliff Floyd. 4 out of 25 men. That’s almost a fifth of the whole team–and it’s some of our best guys. When Pedro was out of it, they said we had no chance. When El Duque fell? Well, then it was over before it began, now wasn’t it? What kind of Mets fairy dust went round that clubhouse? It’s as if the sheer energy of our guys boosted up the surprising, exciting, and absolutely welcome talents of Picture_0301_2John Maine and Oliver Perez. They pitched the games of their lives, and if that continues next year? One word for you: unstoppable.

But perhaps the greatest miracle of this year? Ever since I’ve been a Mets fan (since 2003), I’ve heard people dissin’ on the Mets. David Letterman. Conan O’Brien. News media. New Yorkers. Well, they’ve been eating their words this season, and especially this month. For the first time in over ten years, this city belongs to us again. New_yorks_our_townWe’ve got our own rocking network, with the greatly beloved Ron Darling, Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez. We’ve got pictures like this in the New York Times–the Style section of all places. We’ve got every fan–including me!–wearing Mets hats, shirts, jerseys, jackets all over town. My new Mets slogan for next year? Our Team. Our Town.

I’m not gonna "front" as I used to say (laughably) in Brooklyn. I’m disappointed. Every single time we had a key at bat, I truly, wholeheartedly believed, and somehow I thought that was all it would take. So I’m sad. But not overly so. I feel like the whole postseason experience was a stupendous extra. We had such a great *******’ year, and then so many let downs as our boys lost their health. But we battled. Boy, did we battle. Next season I’ll be a little scared–for the other teams, of course.

Cliff Floyd goes to surgery in a week. His last Achilles heel procedure left him strong and fantastic on the field. And we already know what a key asset he is in the clubhouse. I hope he comes back, and I know a lot of you are with me on that. EndyPicture_0331_1And I want Endy back too. We got to witness last night one of the best all-time catches in postseason history. Not too shabby.

Picture_0041_4Thanks, Metsies. Thanks for our year. And thanks for the love you give back to us every day. I’m proud to be your 26th man.



Picture_0211_1 Picture_0361_2

Picture_0391_3 Picture_041

Goodbye 7 Train, and goodbye Shea. WE’RE GONNA GET ‘EM NEXT YEAR!

Our Team. Our Town.

Let’s Go Mets!



Positivity placeholder

I know. I feel it too. When that last strike was called, oh the sadness. But there’s so much goodness still to blog about, and I will tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a great example of what a fan at Shea is all about. I can tell you two things: 1) This is not even half as loud as I usually yell for the Mets. I may be on the small side, but boy I cheer big. 2) I have no idea what I’m doing with my jacket.

The Team. The Time. The Taking Care of Business. NLCS Game 6!

Picture_0191_9Judy on the Diamondvision said it best: There’s no place like home!

Folks, the evening started super good. First, the Kids’ Store finally had my size in the shirt I’d been looking for for weeks. I’ll rock it tonight, and I heart it so much! They also had the temporary tattoos I wanted to slap on my cheek–the facial one (aren’t I cheeky?)–as I’ll do again tonight. THEN it was time for the bloggers-at-Shea meet and greet! I could tell you how Matt Cerrone of Metsblog came up to me and MetsGrrl just as we were discussing how the Mets boyshort, rather than the thong, would totally be the way to go, but then I’d have to photoshop my brilliant Mets underwear idea. Oh ****. Boyshort_mets_1Picture light orange or blue instead of yellow and then tell me that’s not something you’d buy yourself, wife, girlfriend, etc. instead of that awful pink Mets thong.

Meet the bloggers! Meet the bloggers. Step right up and greet the bloggers! Among the preshow revelers were Metsblog, MetsGrrl (and her awesome sign!), Hot Foot, (tall) Toasty Joe, (goateed) Metstradamus, Brooklyn Mets Fan (and his lovely wife), and lordy hope I didn’t forget anyone! Also? One verrry enthusiastic blog fan (pictured far left in the group pic.) Look for the shortest blogger, and who do you get? (Hint: Not Toasty Joe.)



First pitch? Mets fan Matt Dillon, who–hmm–didn’t seem to want his hat to fit. Okay, then, Mattie.


Right from the start of the game, you could see that fantastic Mets chemistry boiling hot in action. Picture_0251_7I kind of love how from my angle, Lo Duca’s pre-game pep talk to Johnny Maine looked like he was resting his head on the rookie’s shoulder. Awwww.

There were moments of great Met-to-Met chemistry all night, and you could tell our boys were having fun. Carlos Delgado (the strongest of veteran leaders) kept making David Wright and Jose Reyes smile, even at one point throwing his arm around the young, homering shortstop’s arms in the infield. Loved it.


Picture_0261 Also, you can’t help but laugh at what looks like Delgado and Maine doing the hokey pokey (you put your left foot in…).

But back to business now. How ’bout this great pic from MetsGrrl’s awesome flickr feed of Rick Peterson escorting our SUPERB Johnny Maine to the dugout? Maine_peterson_metsgrrlI love Maine in a high pressure situation. He just keeps it together. Thank you, Johnny!!

Here, too, on Diamondvision, is Paul Lo Duca’s crucial 2 RBI hit–the one that would ultimately ensure us the win.


What else? Well, I could say I wasn’t the one who started my section shouting at Spiezio: "Shave your chin pubes!" But…then I’d be lying. I saw at least three fans, though, with very blue versions of that awful soul patch.

Oh, and you know what else? Hee. Every single woman in my local bathroom at Shea has commented on what for us is a miraculous and rare occurance. I’ll just show you:


Picture_054Guys, now you know how we feel every day!

Picture_049Do I hope Billy Wagner’s a bit more solid tonight? Well, sure. But I have faith in him. Just like I have total faith in our whole team. I’m so thrilled to be able to be a part of this.

Let’s all cheer for what just *has to be* another night of victory hand slappies for the Mets and victory arm raising for Zoe. Only sooooo much better. I want to get me some champers tonight, folks!!!

Picture_0501Picture_0551 MetsGrrl’s sign says it all. NOT IN OUR HOUSE!

Kinahura. Kinahura. Kinahura!

Here’s a YouTube video of the gazillions of fans tunneling out of Shea, chanting as one unit: Jose Jose Jose Jose! And what a great game for our Jose it was!!



P.S. My "funniest sign of the night" award goes to the field level "Stick it up your Pujols." Hee!

P.P.S. I never thought I’d say this, but now I LOVE Looper at Shea!

Fan support placeholder

Picture_0311_1This is my cheek. This is my cheek on Mets. Any questions?

Folks, I screamed so hard for our team last night that I literally can’t talk today. But in true 26th man (and woman) fashion, I will rest up and be back later for more. God, I can’t wait.

I’ve got some photoshop lightening, cropping, etc. to do with my pics, but when I’m back soon, it’ll be so you can enjoy the Shea NLCS Game 6 experience along with me. (And also meet some other bloggers! We had a meet-and-greet before the game, which was a ton of fun. In the pics? Yeah, look for the shortest blogger and who do you get?)

Diamondvision kept letting fans know all night that the team loves us. We got messages from David Wright, Paul Lo Duca, and Carlos Delgado. All about how rocking we are. Well, Metsies. Expect more tonight!!

Picture_0231_1THE TEAM. THE TIME. IS NOW.

More soon! xx

(P.S. For any of you who want to rock the Mets body art, the clubhouse store sells temporary tattoos for $4 that–I learned–truly do come off easily with rubbing alcohol. I think it’s an extra fun way to support the team!)

D-Wright grooming advice from Zoe

Nlcs_david_facial_hairDo I think we’re gonna do it tonight? Hellz yeah I think we’re gonna do it tonight. But just to add my wee bit o’ help: David Wright, I love ya. And I do think that the scruffy look suits you aesthetically in terms of lady appeal. BUT. As longtime readers will know…methinks you hit better clean-shaven.

Why is this? Perhaps some of the strength from your arms and legs has been rerouted toward your facial hair follicles? Perhaps the tips of your scruff absorb water that should be hydrating you? Perhaps the added bit of "bad boy" repels some of that down home Virginia boy aura that’s worked so well for you before?

Whatever it is, D-Wright–we all know what you can do. Just maybe let a razor help out. Then you can do my favorite David Wright Clean Shaven Dance of Joy:


Finally, a big shout out to William Radie, who has sent his 3 favorite Mets bloggers personalized logos for luck. I may just have to figure out how to make an iron-on patch out of this because of its rockingness. Thanks Bill!

Zoe_mets_1Now Let’s Go Mets! Like you’ve never gone before! Or as Gary Cohen Who Thinks I’m Crazy would say: Go ’til IT’S OUTTA HERE!