I Believed!

Nlcs_4_carlos_carlos_1Last night, Rob said he wished he had my "blind optimism." But I knew we weren’t done yet. There’s still too much fun to be had. And the boys want to be back at Shea, with us crazy, loud, screamtastic fans lifting them up, up, up. I can’t wait for Wednesday!



// Still too much fun to be had //

Now that’s belief!

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


Hey we won… so that means there’s something there that wants to go back to NY.

No worries Z. I had the same case, fairy dust and all and it worked.

Gearing up for tonight!!


Hey Zoe… I was real bummed after Trachsel laid an egg, but these guys get off the canvas when they get knocked down… gotta give ’em that!

What about those Carloses?! Now lets put this series away!

~ Eddie @ Willie Ball


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