November 2006

And I-ee-I-ee-I will always love you-ou-ou-ou.

Cliffy_love_copy_13 Yes, as you can imagine, I am in mourning. Oh, Cliff. I will certainly continue to follow your career, and I do so hope you wind up somewhere that will make you happy.

Thanks to Matt of Mets Blog for pointing me to this article, where my beloved #30 comments on Omar’s maneuvers with all the dignity we’d expect of him. "I can’t question Omar," says Cliff. "All I can do is thank him for the four years."

And we thank you, Cliff Floyd. We thank you for never, ever playing half-assed. We thank you for being such a leader on our team. We thank you for all your humorous quips, and for showing D-Wright the ropes. Man, Cliff. We thank you for being you.

The Newsday article also reveals that Cliff’s heel injury was worse than anyone knew, and that the cortisone shot wasn’t a good idea. But the surgery went well, and Cliff will be ready for spring training. He’ll get strong again. Cliffy heals fast.

I will continue to wear my Floyd t-shirt with pride, in memory of my first favorite Met. And although he’s not my first choice, I will look forward to seeing Moises Alou strengthen our bats against lefties and make our strong team even stronger.

But Mets. Dudes. Really, don’t shake Alou’s hand. Find a polite way to avoid it, but for your own sakes. At least keep some hand sanitizer around.

I love you, Cliff. I miss you already. And I’ll always remain one of your biggest New York fans.



Catching up with fair David

David_gdny_1Did you catch our young David on Good Day New York? Click here for the footage! The highlight for me is D-Wright admitting that he’s a total mama’s boy, which is pretty adorable.

Do mama’s boys wear headbands? Why, yes. I think they do indeed.

Gq_david_2_1Just in case you missed the hilarious David Wright-Jose Reyes GQ fashion shoot, the slidshow can be found here. My favorite shot? This one below, which proves that our David is not the king of cool. But then, that’s half his charm. I’m not sure I love Jose in that gold jacket either, but he does "tough" a little more convincingly!

Gq_david_jose_2This one’s pretty cute, too. As for the men’s fashion, though? Please tell me Members Only jackets aren’t coming back!Gq_david_jose_1

Now. Where’s the swimsuit issue?

Save the Left Fielder…Save the world.

Cliffy_love_copy_12My buddy Matt at Mets Blog is reporting that rumors abound that Omar Minaya’s not only showing interest in keeping Cliff Floyd on board, but has even made him a "proposal." Is this true? Or just another fancy GM smokescreen? Ah, we civilians must remain in the dark for now. But Cliff Floyd is Zoë’s hero, so in true Heroes fashion, she tells Omar:

Save the left fielder. Save the world. 

Many more fans than not want to see Cliff remain a NY Met next season. The man has so much heart, he should be nicknamed Valentine’s Day. And after his last Achilles surgery in 2003, that mixture of heart and renewed health led him to some pretty great numbers. Add in Cliff’s clubhouse presence, his honest and jocular way with the media, and his penchant for calling David Wright "boy!" and I think you’ll agree with me that seeing Big Cliff go would be sad indeed.

Do we need to keep Endy in order to keep Cliff? Well, it certainly wouldn’t hurt. (What’s going on with Endy, anyway? I don’t even know if we’ve got him for next year or not.) But I’ll just say this: I’ll take a player who gives 200% every time he’s on the field over a hyped up, overpaid megastar any day. And twice on Valentine’s Day.

Omar! Keep Cliff!

Come on, folks. Let’s show our big guy some love.



What you get for $20 million

You thought it was just a stadium name? Pshaw. Maybe for $10 mill you get that. No, for $20,000,000? You get your name on everythang. Prepare to eat Nathan’s citi dogs and Carvel iciti cream. The Mets have even released these super secret prototype pics to one very lucky blogger, namely ME!

Citi_jack_3 Citi_bud_2 

So, Citi Field, Huh?

CitifieldMy own two cents? Sure, why not. Citi Field it is. It could have been a LOT worse. Imagine:

Bitty Field: No room for you!

Ditty Field: The players break into song!

Fitty Field: Shortstop? Fitty Cent, of course.

Gritty Field: Dirty, dirty, dirty.

Hitty Field: But only if the hits are ours.

Kitty Field: Ok, that one I’d be all for.

Knitty Field: Your seat is made of yarn!

Pity Field: Mets don’t need no pity. We’re set to dominate

Pretty Field: Something tells me fans aren’t dying to say, "I’m off to Pretty!"

Quitty Field: Not our team, not ever!

Shi*ty Field: Unacceptable! Our field must be the best evah.

Titty Field: Well, you boys would love that now wouldn’t you. Zoe says? Dream on!

Witty Field: I’ll take our boys cracking jokes any day. But maybe that’s best left to the bloggers?

Zitty Field: Not with my great skin care advice, folks!

So, when you think about it, Citi Field wins in this bunch, don’tcha think?



In Omar I Trust

Omar_bill2_copyDo I seriously think we’re going to see one of the top 3 names being bandied about for starting pitching? Is Zito, Willis, or Matsuzaka going to be a Met next year? Nah, I wouldn’t bet on it.

What else? We won’t have Soriano, nor likely my fave for 2nd, Julio Lugo, and quite possibly not any of the big names we’re fantasizing about in blogland.

But I am so not concerned.

Because I fully believe in the brilliance of Omar Minaya.

With Omar we have someone who understands the whole picture of a player, beyond his stats and reports. He thinks creatively, figuring out the smartest way to get past whatever obstacles stand in his way. He’s got the deep pockets but won’t overpay. He’s persuasive, fatherly, astute, strategic, and genial. He knows the right thing to say and when to say it.

If he gave me lottery numbers, I’d play them every day. If cigarettes had an "Omar Minaya" warning instead of a Surgeon General’s, people would quit smoking. I hear in a future episode of the new hit, "Heroes" (an awesome show!), someone will develop the power of thinking like Omar Minaya and save the world. Omar Minaya now controls Congress.

Omar Minaya’s like a master jigsaw puzzler: He’s able to see the entire picture as if it’s laid out before him. He knows what pieces we are missing, and better yet? He knows how to find them. When Omar’s done with his jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces will fit snugly together. And the picture that will result? Why, a championship trophy, of course.

So let’s hypothesize, opine, and guess away at our future team, because it’s fun. But whatever the results are? I know I’ll swoon. Love ya, Omar!



Jose! Jose! Jose! Jose!

Mets_japanese_walkoffOn his blog, Adam Rubin reports that Jose Reyes’s walk-off homer (scoring 2 runs during the 10th inning!) cemented our sweep against the Japanese All-Star team. The Japanese call it a "sayonara" home run, which I pretty much love. I hope that next year at Shea, I’ll see at least one thrilling Mets walk-off so that I can jump up and yell "Sayonara, baby!"

What’s next for our beloved Jose? He’s a movin’ on up and house-hunting in Long Island. I’ve never been much of a suburban gal myself, but then again, I never had any kind of $23 million contract.

If only great fiction writers were as in demand as great baseball players!


Maine Haaaaaa

If you’re not reading my buddy Hot Foot during the off-season, then you’re just plain missing out. It was by following his links that I found this sheer gem of a pic: Our beloved Johnny Maine looking like a fierce warrior…wig and all…while on a tour of Kyoto.

Maine_samuraiWhat, you say? This picture deserves cropping for even heightened enjoyment? Why, I couldn’t agree more.


Is that a sword in your pocket, Johnny? Or you just happy to…

No, really. Maine deserves kudos for going above and beyond and taking full advantage of his trip to Japan. Another reason to love him!


Mets Weekly

Sny_1Looks like the Mets Weekly that I (and some fellow bloggers) am supposed to be in will air next week, Saturday. If I were a betting gal, I’d say you won’t see too much of me anyway. But we’ll see!

Congrats to our Carlos Beltran for winning his first (can you believe that?) Gold Glove!


The Oven Mitt Edition

Oven_mitt_1As in: Approaches the hot stove with extreme care.

Rumors are fun and all, but I just can’t get that excited until we’ve actually got some deals in place. Word is we aren’t as close to signing Glavine as it seemed, which is a shame.

But until we’ve got some actual news to gab about, I can’t help but post these adorable pics of our boys David Wright, Jose Reyes, and John Maine (who looks mighty handsome in his spiffy suit!) meeting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe–and giving him a prized Mets jersey!

After this meeting, David knocked out a 2-run homer…as we can see, with facial hair intact. So that’s one check for scruff. 


Check out the full story, with some great quotes, here. (Thanks to Hot Foot for the heads-up.)

Also, in blog "heard it from who heard it from" news, make sure to click Hot Foot’s link to some hilarious (and in some cases, very politically incorrect, be forewarned) photoshopped Jose pics.