Catching up with fair David

David_gdny_1Did you catch our young David on Good Day New York? Click here for the footage! The highlight for me is D-Wright admitting that he’s a total mama’s boy, which is pretty adorable.

Do mama’s boys wear headbands? Why, yes. I think they do indeed.

Gq_david_2_1Just in case you missed the hilarious David Wright-Jose Reyes GQ fashion shoot, the slidshow can be found here. My favorite shot? This one below, which proves that our David is not the king of cool. But then, that’s half his charm. I’m not sure I love Jose in that gold jacket either, but he does "tough" a little more convincingly!

Gq_david_jose_2This one’s pretty cute, too. As for the men’s fashion, though? Please tell me Members Only jackets aren’t coming back!Gq_david_jose_1

Now. Where’s the swimsuit issue?


Swimsuit issue? That would be even more hilarious.

I like the 3 pics in the mag. The rest well they were funny… the headband one- I have yet to make a decision.


This is exactly what I need to get through a long off season! Thanks for the links and the blog!

Too late Zoe. Members only jackets are already WAY back in. Where have you been?

Hey Zoe…

Like the David/Jose photo shoot… though i could do w/o the jackets myself lol. Hope you had a nice thanksgiving!

~ Eddie @ Willie Ball

David does his baseball, his interviews and his photo shoots… but mighty David also saves the planet

Here’s the link:


Ohmygod, they look like little boys!

-The Baseball Collector

Hi this message is for David Wright

Hi David, I am one of your biggest fans, I was actually a Yankees fan until I saw you on TV one night last year for the first time and not only because I think your cute but because I think that you are a terrific player, I would love to meet you some day and wish you the best for the remainder of the season.

Those who excel in virtue have the best right of all to rebel, but then they are of all men the least inclined to do so. Do you think so?

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