January 2007

Ah, Shawnie

My poor Mets blog, I’ve been neglecting you in the off-season. Sure, there’s been recent stuff I could write about. For instance, a contract extension for Willie Randolph: Yay! Glad to have you, Willie! Kisses and hugs.

Then, of course, there’s my Cliffy. Yes, he’s a Cubbie now, but he’ll always hold a dear place in my heart. Floyd, my man, I wish you well and hope you’re happy in your native city. They better treat you right there…or they’ll have me to answer to.

Rabbi_dances_1But what I really wanted to share with you was this tidbit I just read over at our buddy Matt’s Met’s Blog. It’s a hilarious factoid about our own Shawn Green, as told by our golden boy, David Wright:

Shawn Green our right fielder, he’s a great guy and he’s Jewish, so he’s got this dancing Rabbi in his locker. Before he goes out to the field, you make noise and this dancing Rabbi starts singing songs and everything, so that’s always funny. I don’t know if he’s superstitious, I think he just does it to make everyone laugh and get loose before the playoffs.

Oh, I just love this so much!




Plane1_1What’s up with the world? I go on vacation for a week and the Giants offer stupid money and a nine-million-year contract to Barry Zito.

Oh well.

What else have I missed!? Zoe‘s got some catching up to do, it seems.

Happy New Year Mets fans! Can’t wait to cheer on our boys in 2007.