Plane1_1What’s up with the world? I go on vacation for a week and the Giants offer stupid money and a nine-million-year contract to Barry Zito.

Oh well.

What else have I missed!? Zoe‘s got some catching up to do, it seems.

Happy New Year Mets fans! Can’t wait to cheer on our boys in 2007.





Hope you enjoyed your vacation… Hey, on the bright side, at least Milledge, Heilman, Pelfrey and the rest of the kids haven’t been traded yet!

Happy New Year…

~ Eddie @ Willie Ball


Happy 007, watch out for the bad guys (ATL/PHI/FLA/WASH) this year and never say never die another day and hope no one goes on the DL because they get hit by a grounder in the goldfinger etc. Welcome back.



Happy New Year! Welcome back… how was your vacation? Mine was relaxing and filled with some home cooking and lotsa of family🙂

Can’t wait for the season to start,


While I know you would have loved oogling over Zito every 6th game, I’m somewhat glad he’s still in the Bay Area!




Happy ’07 (esp. if the mets go all the way!)

From one author to another, an invite:

Me on the Radio and online:

on KPFA 94.1 FM and online at KPFA.org

Host Jennifer Stone interviews me about me poetry book, “Near the Ragged Edge of Earth”.

If you can’t listen live, check the archives on the Website.

I plan on reading “Down the Left Field Line” during the show.


Life, Baseball and Eric Byrnes


Hey, Zoe. Hope all’s well in your world and just wondering where Cliffy’s going. He’s mentioned in this article:

Looking forward to the next book!



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