March 2007

Can you sing?

Microphone_1Tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th, you could become a supa stahhhh. Who needs American Idol when you can have Shea Anthem Idol? (According to Ron Darling and Gary Cohen, SNY‘s Gary Apple will be the "Paula Abdul"-esque judge.) Auditions to sing the American Anthem at Shea are taking place at SNY‘s Rockefeller Plaza studios.

Lest our dear Ron Darling feel left out of my commentary-appreciation-blogging, I give you these bon mots from last night’s (yay) win against the Dodgers. Spurred on by talking about the Anthem auditions, we got the following:

Gary: Every once in a while, yes, I will sing a few bars in the shower. Sometimes even on the air. But nobody requests it.

Ron: I’m a car singer. If I’m driving by myself in the car, I am letting. It. Go.

Gary: So you’re singing along.

Ron: Along with the song. And I’m sounding fantastic.

Gary: Of course. ‘Cause you can’t hear yourself.

Ron: Exactly.


And the rocket’s red glare….



Tickets Available

Last year, I spent many lovely days and nights at Shea in Rob’s seats. Loge level, 3rd row, located just about where the infield meets the outfield grass. Here was our view:Picture_073_2

For the upcoming season, Rob’s selling a package of 1/3 of his season tickets. The package includes the following games:

April12 PHI
April 13 WAS
April 21 ATL
April 25 COL
May 2 FLA
May 11 MIL
May 14 CHI
May 17 CHI
May 18 NYY
May 31 SF
June 2 ARZ
June 5 PHI
June 19 MIN
June 22 OAK
June 27 STL
July 13 CIN
July 26 PIT
July 29 WAS
Aug 7 ATL
Aug 10 FLA
Aug 23 SD
Aug 26 LA
Sep 7 HOU
Sep 11 ATL
Sep 14 PHI
Sep 26 WAS
Sep 29 FLA

If you’re interested, email Rob at



Great Moments in Spring Training Commentary

Keithtootsie1_1 I didn’t catch all of tonight’s victory against the Orioles, but boy did I tune in at a fine moment.

My friends, if this game is any indication, we can expect some prime Keith Hernandez/Gary Cohen doozies in our futures. Of course, I hope the team tightens its play and works out the kinks. But at least Keith and Gary will make sure the smiles stay on viewers faces. Witness:

Keith: I have got the most delicious Tootsie Pop. I haven’t had one in so long.

Gary: What flavor you got?

Keith: What’s this, cherry? Ahhh.

Gary: Do you—do you bite them?

Keith: When you get near the chocolate in the end, then you have to. I have no patience.

Gary: Well, we already know that. But do you bite them?

Keith: Uh, yes. Viciously. And I’m very professional. I don’t chew during a broadcast. [Points to Tootsie Pop.] I’ll get after this during commercial.

Gary: You’ll be licking it until we get to between innings, and then you’ll be crunching down on it, is that it? (Three-and-oh now to Beltran.)

Keith: You loved these when you were a kid, didn’t you?

Gary: I love them now.

Keith: Jeez.

Gary: But I would find it very difficult to coordinate speaking and dealing with the Tootsie Pop.

Keith: I don’t have a problem with that.

Gary: I think you have a great talent in this area. I’m envious.

What’s more? Tonight we learned that Keith’s added purple to his scorecard palette. Hot.

I’ll be back soon. But until then, I’ll leave you with Keith. Contemplating the Tootsie. xoxo.