April 2007

Gary’s 49 Candles

First of all, if you’re in New York City, you might get a free circular called City Scoops in your mailbox. If you do, thumb over to page 11, where I’ve written an article all about female baseball bloggers (hint: we rock). Many thanks to Jessica of Chicks Dig the Pitchers’ Duel, Mets Grrl, and Maureen of Yankees Chick for participating!

Also, if you’re interested, you can listen to my guest stint on Matt and Anthony’s Metsblog webcast here (click on April 25th), where the insightful Metstradamus joined the bloggers’ roundtable as well. I haven’t listened to it myself–the whole hearing your own voice on tape thing, right? But the boys do a good job bringing Mets content to the webwaves.

Now for the fun. (Meaning, the opposite of "El Duque and Valentin are on the DL." GRRR.) 

If you caught yesterday’s (Sunday’s) game on TV, then you know it was Gary Cohen’s 49th birthday. And that his wife made honorary t-shirts. And that they were absolutely priceless. Witness Ron Darling modeling his:


Gary: All I can say is that my wonderful wife Lynn, who I love more than life itself, is out of control.

Ron (about the photograph, which Gary fessed up was taken in 1983): Now I’ve heard Matthew McConaughey. I got some added ones here. How about John Snyder from the Dukes of Hazard. Or maybe even—this might be dating myself a little bit—maybe Harry Chapin on his lost weekend with John Lennon.

Gary: HA HA HA HA. Well, all I can argue is that the 80’s were a bad hair decade.

Ron: I’m telling you, you’re sizzling there. If you got a six-pack in those days you coulda went in the movies.

Gary: A six pack a what?!


Picture_2051Happy birthday, Gary Cohen! Sounds like Keith Hernandez missed out on some special home-made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. Gary, you couldn’t have saved one for me?

I will leave you with this image of Ron Darling lovingly stroking the "sizzling" image of 1983 Gary Cohen. Fun times.


Live and Streaming

Picture_0101_5My buddies Matt and Anthony from Metsblog have invited me to participate in a blog roundup tonight on their new fancy-pants live, streaming Mets webcast, which will begin at 6:00 PM.

I can’t imagine I’ll be much good at this (charming though I might be), but you can find details here. I’ll be involved at some point in the second half-hour. Wish me luck and eloquence!



Happy Endy

Last season, Willie Randolph called Endy Chavez his "favorite." So it’s no surprise that when Willie’s favorite executes a perfect drag bunt to win the game in the 12th inning, he’s gonna get a hug. And not just any hug.

Look how much Willie loves Endy, and tell me it doesn’t warm your heart a bit.


Pay up, Davey

Wright_delgado2_1After both going homerunless in April, last night Carlos Delgado beat David Wright to the punch with a nice 2-run homer against the defeated Rockies.

Even with two slo-mo replays, the camera couldn’t quite catch what David Wright said to Delgado in passing. But after the game, Carlos fessed up.

Kevin Burkhardt: I saw you joking with David Wright. Was he a little upset that you got the first before him?

Carlos Delgado: Because it’s gonna cost him too. He owes me money!

Love this team.



Tootsie Pop Watch 2007

Let’s say you’re watching the Mets in the process of being defeated by the Braves, and you figure: Hey, I could use a giggle right now. Who’s gonna come through for you? Who?

Why, Tootsie Keith, of course.

But first, you noticed, didn’t you? The fans love the Tootsie.

Picture_195Later, when Gary Cohen reminded Keith that he was still due a lolli, Keith jumped up to get it, as excited as a little boy. "It won’t take half a pitch!" 

"You already bit it?" asked Ron Darling, surprised.

"No, I didn’t," Keith responded, and you could hear the sulk in his voice. "It’s a defective Tootsie Pop. I’m very upset."

Never fear, Keithy. Another game, another Pop.



First Week at Shea

Took me long enough. But here are some fun photos from the home opener win against the Phillies. And to cap it off, a pic from the "Chick Bloggers at Shea" extravaganza the following Friday, when the fabulous Mets Grrl invited me to peep a game against the Nats in her seats! Thanks Mets Grrl! It was fun freezing my *** off with you! 

First, ooh, look–planes! Planes over Shea! Such a novelty! But no, these were special planes. And they made a cool whoosh sound. So, yay planes.Picture_0161_5

Picture_0181_2Y’know what else was special? First pitch! In his beloved side-piping 80s uniform (if perhaps a bit larger)–our favorite SNY comedian, Tootsie Keith Hernandez.


Picture_0191_11 Now, I’m sure other blogs, articles, etc. have gone over the Shea opener with a fine-toothed comb. But did they talk about the new at-bat pictures on the Diamondvision? Because okay, some of them are just too fun to bear. And by too fun, of course I mean…well…

First, let’s examine the "I’m-a-gonna-hit-you" pose. For real, I was sitting in my chilly little seat thinking "Duc! Carloses! Shawnie! Don’t be angry at me. I’m very nice and cheer for you!"

Picture_0371_2 Picture_0381_1 Picture_0391_4 Picture_0401_1 

And then, Mr. Valenin.

Picture_0221_1Picture him saying "You must pay the rent!" And then the damsel in distress says "I can’t pay the rent!" And then the hero storms in and declares "I’ll pay the rent!"

So who’s the hero? Maybe Greenie. After all, this pic of him looks like he’s aiming for GQ model status. Watch out Wright and Reyes! Someone’s coming to steal your headbands and gold lame jackets.

Picture_0211_3 Finally, I’ll leave you with some pics of yours truly. In the first, it’s Monday, and I’m thinking–Boy, this is cold. In the second, it’s Friday, and I’m with the lovely (bundled up) Mets Grrl, thinking Holy Frickin’ Frick It’s Cold! But fun. Cold but very, very fun!

Oh Shea, I missed your crappy splendor. You’ll always be my first.



Here kitty kitty kitty

The only thing worth mentioning about Wednesday’s game against the Phillies is the adorable, athletic Shea stray that came jolting across the field, finally jumping out of sight. I particularly enjoyed Keith’s "I wish I could do that." Enjoy the kitty, even in slo-mo!



More tomorrow, promise!



Coming Soon!!

I’ve got some fun pics from the double-digit-scoring home opener yesterday, but for now I’ll leave you with the cheer I screamed out at the end of the game–the one that got hearty laughs all around. Picture a small gal with a big voice. You would have heard:

"Jimmy Rollins! The Phillies are the team to beat! And beat! And beat again!!!"



Just Sayin’…


Return of Tootsie

Tootsie2_2How heartwarming is it to see our boys defending their tushes off? But I don’t want to jinx anything! So let’s instead revisit Keith Hernandez’s love of the Tootsie Pop, which made another star appearance during last night’s (ha!) defeat of the brutish Cardinals. Can I get a "Tootsie Pop Watch 2007" please? Awww, yeah.

Gary Cohen: You know, I can tell that the season’s starting. You know how I know it for sure? Because Keith’s about to chomp his first Tootsie Pop of the year.

Keith Hernandez: I got the chocolate Tootsie Pop.

Gary: (Valenin takes ball one.) You’ve paused that Tootsie Pop in the middle. That’s unusual for you. (And Valentin takes the strike; it’s one-and-one.) You know, there comes a point in every game where the Tootsie Pop gets broken out. And usually–you’re not usually with the chocolate ones.

Keith: When I’m broadcasting, I’m very professional. I can’t have chunks in my mouth, in case *Drowned out by Gary/Ron laughter*

Gary: Professional?

Keith: Right. So it’s a very slow process.

Gary: (One and Two to Valentin.)

Keith: This Tootsie Pop will last about four or five innings, trust me.

Ron Darling: Wow. So the overnighter is four innings for that Tootsie Pop.

Keith: Yes.

Ron: Nice.

Yes, Keith. Nice indeed.

As for this exchange later? Well, I think the gentlemen did this one just for me😉

Gary: By the way, Keith, I think your hair looks great.

Keith: I think that our Canali ties look great, to be honest with you.

Ron (laughing, to Gary): That’s right, his hair looks great–

Keith (about his tie): I got my chartreuse, or pink, on.

Gary: You’re really on fire tonight.

Yes, Keith. On fire indeed.