May 2007

Dugout Dancing

Watching last night’s game against the Fish reminded me somewhat of watching the Yale-Harvard football game back in college: a contest of who ****** worse. Still, a win is a win, and we’ll take it–with hopes of tighter play to come. Willie was hilarious afterwards, smiling at his own cheekiness while teasing the media.

Because I always love a laugh, I thought I’d capture a few memorable moments of SNY coverage. (Well, besides the repeated shots of a buff but still goofy Pedro Martinez clowning around in the dugout. Yes, please!) So, here’s a reel of pre-game dugout dancing. (I couldn’t resist also throwing in the priceless "Dancing With Dontrelle.")

Dugout Dancing

Paddycakes and Hopscotch combined.

Ollie, is there a foul line in the dugout?

Dancing With Dontrelle

SNY Viewing Party at The Back Page

Before I delve into last night’s antics, check out my first byline. And what a fun assignment, too!

Picture_0011_11Now, if you haven’t already, meet Mets Grrl and Coop, my partners in crime last night at the SNY viewing party on the Upper East Side.

Yes, the whole thing would have been better had we won. But still, a good time was had  by all.

Picture_0021The Back Page has a helluva lot of TVs. Also, waitresses showing off their boobies. Guess which one I took a picture of? Also in attendance were the Hawaiian Tropics girls, in tiny tops and bitty skirts, handing out pinup pictures of sexy ladies. Which is fine, but SNY? I watch you too. Can’t we get one shirtless guy thrown in the mix?! THAT I would have taken a picture of.


Right off the bat, I noticed two…well…Mets Grrl called them "hoochy" girls wearing Mets/SNY t-shirts, tied around their waists to show some midriff. I had a new mission: I wanted a Mets/SNY shirt. But could a non-hoochy girl get one? I found the t-shirt source and asked: Can I have a t-shirt? He responded: Yes, if you can answer a baseball question.

Mets Grrl immediately had my back: I bet you didn’t ask the hoochy girls a question! SNY Guy responded: No, they’re our models.

But I wasn’t worried. "Ask the question," I said confidently. So SNY Guy did: "Name one SNY announcer." I made a face and and reeled off five names. I got a t-shirt. Mets Grrl said I was given a "pink cap" question. She was right.

Picture_0101_6Picture_006_4Know what else we got? Beer cozies! Indulge me. Without a win, we needed to find other ways to get our rocks off. Like, say, bar food:


Even though the game had few thrilling moments, the crowd managed to get several "Let’s Go Mets" chants going on, with the help of–yes, that’s right–Cowbell Man. You won’t have to listen hard in the videos to hear him! I enjoy Cowbell Man. I think he’s a great fan-booster. But truly, homeslice loves a TV camera.


Meanwhile, as the Mets were stranding guys on base right and left, Coop, Mets Grrl, and I shared camera and phone pics of our gorgeous cats. I know. Trust me, I know. But if your little one looked like this, tell me you wouldn’t share.

Met_pet_cap_2_3Picture_0031_1What else made me smile last night? I asked for my cocktail in a Mets glass. Look at me all moon-faced and grinny. I could say I was a good girl and resisted the temptation, but I would be lying. I will drink everything from this glass. Even wine.

Picture_0111_4 Here are some final pics to help you vicariously enjoy chick bloggers’ night out. Now let’s hope the Mets *******’ sweep the *******’ Marlins. Frig.

Picture_0091 Picture_0071_7

Empire Place Holder

I will be writing soon all about the SNY viewing party last night, which was indeed fun, despite the crappy game. But for now, I’ll leave you with a more inspiring sight than last night’s loss. Metsblog commenter Matt Fitzpatrick took my favorite pic of the Metsmerized New York skyline:


Which he even turned into a fun desktop wallpaper, kind of like Godzilla meets the fan caravan: 


More to come soon!




Wanna see some Braves Kryptonite?

Krypereztonite_1Niiiice, Ollie. Even if they did make you take off your "pearl necklace" (Keith’s words! I ain’t even going there!) at the beginning of the game.

Folks! If you’re going to the Upper East Side SNY viewing party tonight, look out for me and Coop and Mets Grrl. Chick bloggers’ night out! Fierce!

Say hi–we’re friendly!



Come on boys!

Braves_no_8Alright. Two out of three and the pep talk still has its power. Braves go down. I do not like Atlanta’s Braves. I hope their closer blows all saves.

I do not like them on third base.

I do not like their pitching ace.

I do not like their RBIs

I do not like their home run guys

I do not like their fielders Jones

I do not like their tiny stones

I do not like Atlanta’s Braves

I hope their closer blows all saves.

Ad Dr. Seuss agrees with me, so there!



Empire State Pep Talk

Picture_23211_1 Last night, I walked a couple blocks west and a couple blocks north in order to get the view above. I gotta say–in person, it was brighter, bigger, and more moving. So the Yankees didn’t roll over and die. So what. We’ve got this larger-than-life symbol telling all of New York that it’s a Mets town.

When I took this picture, I was in the same area as David Wright’s NYC apartment. I hope David was home last night. Because I’d be shocked if his luxury bachelor pad doesn’t have a view of the Empire State Building, and who more than our excitable David would be inspired by this sight?!

But yesterday is already in the past. The next three games against Atlanta are perhaps the most important the team has played thus far. You may remember back on April 1, I gave our boys a bloggy pep talk. Spring training hadn’t gone so well, and there we were once again facing the Cardinals. Oh, I wanted us to win. And ohhhh we sure did. So a new superstition began. Bloggy pep talks for the really important games.

So come on, gentlemen. You own New York. Now own the NL East. Throw away the sloppy plays. We’ve seen you work defensive magic–so bring it on. Make those catches that invoke gasps, those rocket-arm throws that make us shake our heads in wonder. And bring the bats. D-Wright, keep on homering your heart out. Shawnie, you look great without the hair, so knock out a few triples. Delgado, we know you’ve got it in you. And Reyes. Dear, dear Jose Reyes–you go and get the show started.

Play hard, brothers. Play smart. And win.


Subway Series Game 2: Some memorable moments in Fox coverage

You better believe I’m going to stroll down the block tomorrow night to get a view of the 100% blue and orange Empire State Building. But in the meantime, here are the moments I felt like capturing from Saturday afternoon/evening’s TV coverage. The sloppy playing? Yeah, I’m going to let that slide for now. Who cares as long as the W’s keep on coming?

Did you see D-Wright reading the lineup? Some of these nicknames are a hoot. Here’s a transcript of our David having some fun (and I dunno, DW, I think you’re "Mr. GQ." We’ve all seen you in your headband.) :

Batting lead-off, the most exciting player in baseball, Mr. Jose Reyes
Batting second, Endy "The Catch" Chavez
Batting third, Carlos "Mr. GQ" Beltran
Batting fourth, "The Puerto Rican Mr. T," Carlos Delgado
Batting fifth, Yours Truly
Batting sixth, Shawn "I miss my hair" Green
Batting seventh, "Eddie Munster" Paul Lo Duca
Batting eighth, Damion "Hit Man" Easley
And batting ninth, my favorite player when I was in elementary school, the crafty left-hander Tom Glavine.

Oh, that cracked me up. The game coverage began, however, with a more heart-warming moment. Check out Willie Randolph giving a speech at Fordham University, and his daughter in her cap and gown. Congrats to the Randolph family on this all-around super weekend. Picture_221


What a tough first inning for the Yanks. Really, tough break (literally) for rookie Darrell Rasner. Here’s the crotch and hand shot, care of Fox’s zoom lens.


Later on, for some reason, Fox decided to stick up a visual comparison of Lou Piniella as former Fox Broadcaster vs. as Cubs Manager. The faux-telestrating at the bottom is my own–to show where Fox went off its rocker, and where I laughed out loud. Picture_224_1

Finally, I’ll leave you with a couple "warm fuzzies." New York City’s 2 great shortstops sharing a tender moment, and Paul Lo Duca snuggling up to Billy Wagner after a tough–but victorious–ninth. Awwww.


Our boys have done us proud and won the series. A sweep would be gravy. But, ya know, who’s saying no to gravy?

Let’s Go Mets!



First Game: Ours!

Empire_stateYesterday afternoon, I received a text from the delightful Mets Grrl. Like any Yenta worth her kosher salt, she was match-making. Coop had an extra ticket to the first game of the Subway Series. Would I like to head off to Shea that night?

Um…is Endy Chavez our most reliable bench player?

I canceled my plans for the evening (thanks to M for being very understanding!) and started the night by meeting a superfun (and generous!) fellow female blogger. The evening would only get better and better. Shout outs here to the weather for not raining, and also my new kids Mets sweatshirt, which kept a gal warm.

If you watched the top of the first innning last night on TV, you might have gotten a sense of how the game felt. (Let’s just say I’m spending the early part of my Saturday afternoon rewatching on DVR.) Did you notice? The rivalry seemed…well…pretty friendly. When Johnny Damon knocked over Damion Easley at 2nd, he quickly patted Easley on the back with an apology. Not long after, Hideki Matsui gave Lo Duca a smile at the plate, seeming to respond to our catcher’s greeting. Hey. What’s with all the pleasantries?

And indeed, for the most part, the rivalry at Shea felt pretty friendly (for once!). After Matsui’s 2-run homer gave the Yankees their brief shot at a lead, a couple Yankees fans a few rows below us started celebrating. One jumped up, turned around, and started shaking. Enough that he spilled his beer all over his jersey.

"You can’t even drink your beer!" I yelled out. "You need a sippy-cup!"

Spiller’s friend took a look at my curly pigtails. "By the end of the game, your hair’s going to be straight," he said smiling.

"And your face is gonna be sad!" I yelled back.

But it was all in good fun. And, you know, even better fun because of the outcome.


My favorite SNY announcer moment of the night? Man, when those guys crack up it’s truly hilarious. At the top of the 4th inning, Gary Cohen made an annoucement.

Gary: We’ve got a new addition to our booth here. Hi Chad! (Camera shows a bobblehead of Chad Pennington.)

Keith (to the bobblehead): Chad, do you like the Patriots? (He starts the head spinning "No.")

Gary (after joining along in a rowdy cackle with Ron Darling): Glad you could come to work today and play with dolls, Keith. That’s terrific.

Terrific indeed.

Now let’s get that Empire State Building all blue and orange by Monday, fellas.

Let’s Go Mets!!



Delgado Pile-up

In case you missed yesterday’s day game against the Cubbies, I’m sure you know it was awesome. Well, the last inning was, at least. Five Mets runs at the bottom of the 9th, to win the game on Delgado’s 2 RBI walk off hit. Remember all those joyous victory pile-ups last year? Watching our boys jump around, hug, and slap each other on the head? Now, tell me that’s not one of the best things to watch in baseball. Here’s yesterday’s, in case you missed it. Don’t say I never do nothing for ya!

Winning Pink

Picture_218_2The pink bats and arm bands were certainly kind to our mama’s boys on Mother’s Day. What a nice win against the Brewers, and a superb, much laudable outing from Ollie Perez. Not to mention a swell debut in the majors for young Carlos Gomez. A good day to be a Mets fan.

And a good day to be a Mom. Seeing this image of Paul Lo Duca and his beloved mother, I was reminded of how he scratches her name in the dirt behind home plate, looks up to the sky, and says "I love you" before every game he catches.

Lo Duca’s mom died of ovarian cancer 11 years ago. Considering she once punched out a heckling fan in the stands when Paulie played in college? Well, I’m guessing he gets some of his famous fiery nature from her.

On Mother’s Day, I trekked over to Lo Duca’s birthplace and mine–Brooklyn–and baked my mom a cake. While watching the Mets win, of course😉