June 2007

This one’s just too easy.

Excellent doubleheader yesterday, boys, sticking it to the Phils where they live. Also, good work David Wright–we can see you’re proud of your handiwork. It even provoked a rare smirk from Carlos Beltran! A Metstastic joke on resident clown, Ramon Castro.


Picture_307 Great reaction, D-Wright. The "Yup, I did it" grin, followed by sheer boyish glee.

Now, that’s our team.



Wright’s pink shirt. Gomez’s pop and lock.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I keep my eyes peeled for the funniest moments in SNY’s Mets coverage. I like to recreate those moments here, purely for your amusement. Last night, I caught this gem of what must be some clubhouse ribbing at the expense of our Pretty Boy, David Wright.


What, you don’t see it? Let me telestrate for you:


I would bet money that the culprit is Paul Lo Duca. Looks like he’s written "I AM ***" on David Wright’s pink Nike shirt. Sophomoric? Of course. But I do like that D-Wright’s left it up as a badge of honor.

If you saw last night’s rain-delayed and rain-shortened game, then you know one highlight was a stellar run-and-leap catch by left fielder Carlos Gomez to rob Juan Encarnacion of an extra-base hit. But perhaps you missed Gomez’s earlier feat–a dugout cha cha and pop-and-lock routine. The kid’s challenging Jose Reyes for the title of Dugout Dance King. Better step it up, Jose. (As a bonus, watch again and focus on Shawn Green’s version of the white-man’s shuffle. Love him.)

Admit it. You giggled.

Green Day

Picture_2951_1Picture_2961Last night, I was at Shea with my buddy R, griping about 2 hits in 10 innings. But secretly, I had a feeling we’d get the walk-off. Okay, maybe not so secretly. I thought it would happen in the 9th. I thought David Wright might be the hero–he so loves that. But to have the man of the day be Shawn Green? Oh, I couldn’t be happier.

Shawn Green is one of my favorite players. I like his attitude. I like the way he fights–in his own quiet way–to help the team win games. ****, I even like his inch-long hair. So, in honor of The Shawn Green Moment of the Day, I’m flashing back to June 7th.


Shortly before Shawnie returned from the DL, he joined Keith, Ron, and Gary in the SNY announcers booth. Oh, what fun. Here’s some of the dialogue you may have missed:

Keith: Now, I have to ask you one question. Your wife Lindsay’s gotta be happy your hair’s coming back.

Shawn: It’s at a bad stage right now. I’ll tell ya. It took me 30 years to finally figure out longer hair would hide my ears and my skinny neck. And I didn’t hear any Dumbo comments for a long time. And the worst thing is, when you’re out in the outfield, you say “I know you can hear me with those ears.”

Keith (uproariously): No-ho-ho-ho!

Shawn: So I’m getting those again. I’m just glad no one can see my feet, I’ve got those hidden. With my hammer toes and everything. I’ve got one bad quality out there in the open now.

Gary (a chrome dome): I’m sorry, it’s hard for me to feel all that sympathetic.

Another tickler? Earlier, Keith asked Shawnie if he lost leg strength while on the DL. Shawn smiled: “You know, my legs aren’t that strong anyway, so it works out great.”

I look forward to more exciting–and hilarious–moments from our right fielder.



Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Paul Lo Duca when the ump throws him out of the game:Picture_283


Paul Lo Duca when the Mets sweep the A’s:

Picture_2831jpeg_5Picture_2841_copy_2 An eyebrow says a thousand words.



“We hit the ball hard.”

My shining moment of last night’s outing to Shea? Riding the Diamond Club elevator with this guy (well, and about a dozen other folks). Omar_zoe_1

Considering what happened over the next couple hours, I might guess this was the highlight of Omar’s night as well.

Picture_0031_6In post-game interviews, when every player fights to say something good and can only come up with "We hit the ball hard," yeah, that’s not a great game. Last night, I took my friend D to Shea to watch us battle the Twins because she wants to learn about baseball. I informed her at the end of the night that I hadn’t seen our boys play so badly in over 2 years. So, D: Lesson #1: A team is supposed to get more hits than errors.

Alright, gentlemen. Time to start turning this thing around like we know you can. Make me and my buddy Omar proud.



Cool stuff from Metsblog!

Metsblog_trI’ve got a few bloggy pals out there. First, the Man Who Made Me a Mets Blogger. Then my gal partners in crime, Mets Grrl and Coop, and of course my blog boys Matt and Anthony, of Metsblog.com (and for Anthony also Hot Foot). These folks? All rock. And if you didn’t already know that, then where have you been?

Want to know something exciting? Matt and Anthony are unveiling a new format for their Metsblog Talk Radio tonight at 6:30. Their featured guest? Omar. As in Minaya. As in, We love you Omar! So click the link for specifics, and be sure to catch it on the rebound if you miss it "live." Details of how to call in yourself can be found here.

I’ll be on the 7 train at 6:30 tonight, myself. Off to Shea. To watch our boys face a tough pitcher, but hopefully keep up the momentum of last night’s getting it done.

I’m not sure if my trademark pigtails and pink hat will make it to Queens tonight, but if you see the curly-haired gal with the loud cheering voice in Mezzanine Box, Section 14 (Coop’s seats!), drop a holla.



Zoë to Mets: Kick Some Tushy!

We know our boys can knock Roger Clemens around tonight, so let’s see them do it.

No more stupid errors. Relax at the plate. Sweet bejeezus, drive in the runs.

Mets: We’ll do our part tonight to cheer you on. So how ’bout you do your part and show this city what you’re made of?

All we’re saying is:


I’ll let the team blog it for me:

Picture_264 Picture_267 Picture_269 Picture_272 Picture_273 Picture_274

Sports Illustrated Hates Joe Smith

Who doesn’t love some Joe Smith? What a success story! With the confounding side-arm! And the humble "Aw shux" grin! We love Joe Smith.

But let’s take a look at his placement at a recent Sports Illustrated cover shoot:

Picture_263 "Hey you, Rookie, on the floor!"

But still, he’s Joe Smith. He says, "Sure, I’ll lie on the floor, Sports Illustrated. And boy will I smile wide for you.

Then SI will go and cut a brother out.


No fresh-out-of-college, small town grin on their cover, thank you very much. But what’s more? Now they’re missing one of Omar Minaya’s most fortuitous past draft picks. A vital part (this year) of the "unlikely story" SI wants to spin about the "Melting-Pot Mets."

So, Mighty Joe. Take a moment here to rise up off the floor and give us some late-inning glory. This blogger–and many a Mets fan, too–loves ya like a cover boy.




As I write this, the Mets are up 3-1 at the bottom of the 4th against the Dodgers. That? Is cool. (Kinnahura!)

Greenie’s back! Cool.

Posh Spice throwing out the first pitch, however? Ew. Not cool.

Picture_260Plenty of stuff to blog about–I’m running behind! So for now, I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really really want: Just look at this pic with scorn for me, okay?



Update: Of course almost as soon as I write this, the lead gets trimmed to 3-2. And then the Dodgers *******’ tie it up. Usually, I would blame the Evil Eye. Today, I blame Posh. Ok, not really. But if we lose this one, I might just want to smack the frosted lipstick off her face.

Yikes, did I write that!? Sorry, Posh! It’s transference. Oh, but you’re still tacky, and get your hands off the ball.

Yeah, sometimes I forget I really shouldn’t live-blog.