“We hit the ball hard.”

My shining moment of last night’s outing to Shea? Riding the Diamond Club elevator with this guy (well, and about a dozen other folks). Omar_zoe_1

Considering what happened over the next couple hours, I might guess this was the highlight of Omar’s night as well.

Picture_0031_6In post-game interviews, when every player fights to say something good and can only come up with "We hit the ball hard," yeah, that’s not a great game. Last night, I took my friend D to Shea to watch us battle the Twins because she wants to learn about baseball. I informed her at the end of the night that I hadn’t seen our boys play so badly in over 2 years. So, D: Lesson #1: A team is supposed to get more hits than errors.

Alright, gentlemen. Time to start turning this thing around like we know you can. Make me and my buddy Omar proud.




Hope you enjoyed the Diamond Club!! Looks like you at least enjoyed the ride up!!!

I hope I did not embarrass you too much last night when I started yelling at Sosa to try to NOT WALK THE **** AL PITCHER AGAIN🙂


Don’t fret. Even though your team lost you got to see one of the best pitchers ever at his best.


Well, don’t hate me for saying this, but I took pleasure in seeing Santana pitch so well. Still a tough game to watch. Cool pic of you and Omar.

-The Baseball Collector

Darn it Z… that’s how you roll? Or go up in the elevator….???

To D from another D: Zoe will be a good teacher.

It was a painful game. And I can’t beleive things were so shaky today as well. *sighs*

Take care,



If I write a book will you get it published for me?


Yes, I too would like a book published, however I will need an advance for research purposes


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