June 2007

Don’t Panic!

Last night after being swept by the Phils, I was texting with Rob–who may no longer be my boyfriend, but is still my Mets buddy. "Sure, it’s frustrating," I texted. "But you can’t always win, and it’s too early to panic, and everything could change in our favor soon." 

"How can you be so optimistic?" He asked me. "Aren’t you pissed at all?"

Well, sure. It’s frustrating to watch a good team play far below its capabilities. I don’t fault the bullpen too much, because they’ve been stellar all year, and really it’s impossible not to experience a blip here and there. Okay, Schoeneweis is having a tough season, and yes, I wince with dread every time he jogs to the mound. But overall, what are you going to do? The bullpen’s going to screw up every so often. Ours less often than most. Such is baseball.

What’s most frustrating to me is seeing so many men stranded on base. What’d we get last night, 12 hits and 3 runs–all solo homers? That’s what gets to me the most. But you know what? It’s really not time to panic. Because baseball is not a day-to-day sport. It’s not even a series-to-series sport. It’s a game of averages.

Look at any .300 hitter. Some days he’s on fire, maybe hitting .400 for a couple weeks, but then he slumps for a bit, pulling a dismal .200. Well, there’s your .300, no?

Just keep in mind: Baseball does not change day by day. If we have to give up June due to injury, or whatever else may pop up? Fine. July, August, and September are right around the corner. Pedro’s coming back. Anything can happen.

Ours is not a .200 team. The law of averages says that everything will be okay. So, see? Not time to panic.

Besides, mark my words–if we sailed through this season scot free, easing into the postseason as everyone’s favorite? Well, clearly we’d have nowhere to go but downward. I’d be very nervous in that situation.

Willie’s post-game interviews may sound like rhetoric, but they’re true. The bumps will come–and the Mets will overcome.



Radio Redux

Mike_1 Thanks to Carl "The Cabbie" and Dugout Joe for inviting me on Baseball Talk at blogtalkradio.com earlier today. If you’re interested, I’m interviewed on the June 3rd edition, ’bout 15 minutes in. The guys do a great job and seem to have a fun rapport! Join them every Sunday at noon.

This was my 3rd appearance on web radio–the first being on MLB.com’s "Under the Lights" with Pete McCarthy (it was a Friday night and I had to go straight to a party, hence the dress), and the second this past April 25th on Matt and Anthony’s phenomenal Metsblog Talk Radio (now in its new timeslot at 10PM every Wednesday–I’ll remind you this Weds!). I’m always happy to talk baseball, but after these appearances, I always think of what I should have said way after the questions are asked. Being more of a writer than a speaker, well, I guess I like to think on the questions a bit.

So. Carl and Joe asked me what I thought are the top three things the Mets need to do to reach and win the World Series. Belatedly, here’s my list, as it shold have come out:

1. Stay healthy. This one’s a no-brainer, but as I said on the show, it’s the most important thing for this team to just stay healthy. Especially since we’ve got so many key players at or near (or over!) 40.

2. The Big Hitters: I wasn’t too articulate about this one (again, writer more than speaker here), but basically, guys are going to slump. We know that. We just need to make sure there aren’t too many big bats slumping at once. Spread it out, fellas.

3. Plating runs: I know you’re with me here. How frustrating is it to watch the boys get on base–****, load the bases–and then not be able to score a run out of it? Stranding guys on base could hurt us more than anything come October. But then, you don’t need to say "NLCS Game 7, 9th inning" to realize that.

So there you go. A rare humor-free post from Zoe with her top three requisites for the Mets to go all the way.

Would you like to share your own? Comment away!



P.S. WHY do I laugh so much on the radio? I mean, I enjoy laughing. But come on, Zoe. Quit the chuckles!