A Rare Indulgence: In honor of the All-Star game

I promise that when I watch baseball, I am not paying attention to the athlete’s physiques. The tushes. The what have you. No really, I’m not. But Jose Reyes has taken to doing his post-game interviews shirtless. And that one’s kind of hard to miss. So this muy caliente entry is for the ladies.

Picture_312 Picture_313



Jose Reyes – so hot right now.

You did it! OK this post made my day.

BTW guess who bought your book today? Have a long flight tomorrow, can’t wait to read it!

Very nice!

It’s gettin hot in herrrre. So take off all your clothes…

Jose, that means you and me baby (sorry Stefi, LOL). He is cute.

haha so glad someone else picked up on this! your first shirt is cracking me up…

good stuff🙂

Wait, didn’t you mention tushes? There are no tushes here!

Anyone see Vecsey’s crab piece in the Times about Jose dancing around? Crab, crab crab.

I thought I would post a link to this dancing otter in honor of Jose, Jose, Carlos, Carlos and Carlos, Ruben, and all the dancing fools on the Mets:

Shake it like a polaroid pikcha! And win a few, too, for goodnessakes.

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