July 2007

A Rare Indulgence: In honor of the All-Star game

I promise that when I watch baseball, I am not paying attention to the athlete’s physiques. The tushes. The what have you. No really, I’m not. But Jose Reyes has taken to doing his post-game interviews shirtless. And that one’s kind of hard to miss. So this muy caliente entry is for the ladies.

Picture_312 Picture_313


BMF Viewing Party

Last night, Coop invited me to trek uptown to the Upper West Side to join Brooklyn Met Fan Adam and some of his commenting crew to watch the Mets (unfortunately) lose to the Astros. Coop had a feeling that Pelfrey would pitch a blow-out game. I had a feeling the boys would bring the bats for him. We were both what’s called "incorrect."

Apparently, someone waved a magic Wandy and all our offense went *poof.*

But the food, drinks, and company were swell, so here are a couple pics. The BMF crew turn out to be pretty darn nice folks–even the poor, beleaguered Phillies fan. You can find more pics in this year’s first Pick Me Up Some Mets photo album. Hot!

Picture_3301 Me, Coop, and SNK–a new member of what Coop calls the "Mets Divas."


BMF (far left) and crew.

Okay, boys. Play hard tonight. Pretty please.



Matt & Adam

SNK and Dykstraw

Matt & Divas

Mets Divas

I’ve never been much of a diva before. Guess I’ll have to get that attitude up!

Coop and her cuz, Jason

BMF Adam, MatttheMetfan, and Jake

SNK and Coop

BMF Viewing Party

Coop invites me to Brooklyn Met Fan Adam’s viewing party at Blondies on the Upper West Side to watch Pelfrey pitch against the ‘Stros. A loss, alas. But a fun night nevertheless, full of bloggers and commenters galore.