Mustache Performance Enhancing Drugs

It won’t be news to inform you that I’m easily amused. But still, the AMI (American Mustache Institute, of course) released this tongue-in-cheek (or is that tongue-on-‘stache?) statement about "Top Sports Mustache" winner Keith Hernandez–and his documented use of "Just for Men" to enhance his goods:

Picture_397_1Keith won as a "write-in" candidate, due primarily to the efforts of readers.

In mid-July, Keith was the recipient of another mustache honor–the Newsday Keyboard Quarterbacks’ Mustache Madness Championship.

SNY chose to congratulate their Stachey in  a way they knew he’d appreciate. Even the Endy Chavez bobblehead and Tom Seaver tipped their staches to Keith. (Note to Gary Cohen: Upside down mustache = bat on your mouth.)

Picture_339 Picture_340

Picture_341 Picture_342_1

What do you think–has Keith’s beloved Just For Men tainted his Top Sports Mustache record? :-{)




Definitely not tainted. Did you see the mannequin head that Gary’s wife made for Keith–complete with a mustache and Tootsie pops for hair?

Keith Hernandez for president!

has everyone seen this documentary on the living legend?

Ha–I have seen it, loved it, and pouted because (as usual!) the t-shirts don’t come in kid-slash-Zoe sizes.

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