August 2007

BLOGGERS and friends.

Ooh, I want superhero names, like X-Men.

Hi Regis!

Regis’s friend…a Yankees fan.

Metsblog doin’ business with the Vote For Mr. Met dude

Awww. Mets Grrl with TBF.

Campaigners to get Mr. Met into the Mascot Hall of Fame

Bloggers outing at the Blind Pig

The bullpen could not get it done. But Mets bloggers could get their drink on. Their eat on. And their laugh on.

A fun time despite a more than pesky loss.


How many articles and blog entries have you read about what’s different this year than last? Is it the team’s identity? The injuries? No longer being the underdog? Well, maybe. But if I had to choose the most significant difference between the 2006 and 2007 Mets, I’d have to say it’s Momentum. Meaning, this year, we just can’t seem to harness it. In any factor of our game.

According to that vast font of knowledge, Wikipedia, "In general, the momentum of an object can be conceptually thought of as how difficult it is to stop the object." This year, the Mets are stoppable. Plain and simple. We have been lucky, however, that the rest of our division has been more stoppable.

The team gets one or two great wins under our belts, and then we lose 9-2 against the Phillies. It looks like we’re going to sweep the Pirates, and then they embarrass us. ****–we get a man on base, or we load the bases, but then we’re stopped before we can plate a dang run.

Mets. Our dear, beloved Mets. Now is the time to become unstoppable. Gather momentum. Maintain the good play. Hit in the clutch. Let one win carry to the next. Can you get to the postseason without finally harvesting some decent momentum? Sure.

But you can’t win a World Series.



Metstastic Week ahead

With three Mets events this week, I can assure you you’ll be seeing lots of fun pics of Mets bloggers partying it up. Hopefully, you’ll also join us! Man, we’re in the stretch now. I ain’t gonna lie: Drinking will help.

Tomorrow, Tuesday night, a cornucopia of Mets blogging buddies are gathering at my favorite Mets-friendly watering hole, The Blind Pig (14th St. between 2nd and 3rd Aves) to watch the 2nd match-up of the 4-game Phillies series. If you wanna stop by to say hi, feel free! I love the Blind Pig so much, you’d think they hired me for publicity. (If I’m ever there with a dude, the bouncer, Jacob, tells him on the way out: "Treat her well. She’s good people." Aww.)

Then Wednesday, Coop and I head out to the wilds of midtown to watch Mets at the Movies. I want popcorn. And a win.

Finally, Matty Cerrone’s hosting a Metsblog night at McFadden’s Friday, and I’ll be showing up with my friend Diane. I went to a couple of these last year and had a blast. I could mention I will probably be wearing the perfect Mets tank top I finally found after four years of searching. But you probably don’t care. Eh, you’ll be seeing it soon in pics anyway🙂

I don’t have many Mets fan friends other than the bloggerati, so it’s always a joy to get together with a group that understands things like: "We need to beat the Braves." "Our team is too good to tolerate sloppy play." "Carlos D, you’re about to get hot." "Keith is hilarious." Add to the fact that my Mets blogger buddies are just genuinely cool-*** peeps, and I hope you’ll indulge a week of fun pics and event recaps.

Also, duh, I’ll still be DVRing the games to look for the endlessly amusing Pick Me Up Some Mets moments😉




It’s 1:50 AM, and I’m just back from my best friend’s birthday party (fun!!). Of course, being the baseball dork that I am, I switched on the computing box to check the standings. I knew the Mets won earlier today (okay, technically earlier yesterday) (Yay Carlos Delgado! Yay El Duque!), but I didn’t know the results of Philly or Atlanta. Well, now I do.

Because it’s so pretty to look at, I will share with you what I saw at 1:48 AM upon my Saturday night return home.

Standings_8_25_1 SWEET.

We’ve got crucial series coming up. Crucial.

Play hard, boys. Like we know you can.