September 2007

For luck!

My superstition about the Evil Eye (Sauron?) prevents me from writing about yesterday. But I will continue the new photoshop tradition. And I will believe like crazy.

Here’s our Glavdalf, followed by Nationals pitcher Jason Bergmann as the hobbit Sam Gangee. (Bergee?):



Gotta get this in quick!

Considering what last night’s photoshopping led to, here’s Nationals pitcher Matt Chico as Frodo. Chido? Froco? Come on, Nats


*Now* it makes sense.

This just in from the AP Wire:

QUEENS, NEW YORK (AP) — Loss_water_1 Water samples in the area of Willets Point, Queens, have tested positive for the LOSS Virus. City officials say the contamination likely reached a saturation point approximately five days ago–though trace elements of the L Virus may indeed have been present in the water all summer.

Symptoms of LOSS contamination include dejection, lack of focus, mental lapses in crucial situations, and a profound case of what medical professionals are terming "Not Getting It Done."

Management at Shea Stadium–where the infection has been most virulent–informed local officials tonight that steps will be taken immediately to rid the water of its toxins. They have assured us that a combination of good pitching, strong offense, and sharp defensive plays will be deployed right away to fight this dangerous and pervasive epidemic.

Although experts are not able to reach a consensus on the cause of the toxic leak, they assure us that the infection is temporary and–most important of all–reversible.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   

SNK requested that I return to photoshopping our Mets pitchers as pop cultural icons for luck. So here starts the Lord of the Rings edition.



What it’s like to be a Mets fan right now

Here’s pretty much Part II of my Sept. 25 outing with Coop to see what would be Glavine and the boy’s loss against the pesky gNats. We screamed like **** for our team. And yes, we had moments of despair. Then, in the 9th inning, the Mets racked in 6 runs to nearly tie the score–but it wasn’t going to happen. Still, we heralded their heart, even as ours felt the sting. That’s where I am, I think. Heavy-hearted, but still eager to shout for this team ’til I’m hoarse.

The full day’s photo album is here, including lots of items from the In-game auction. If you’re curious to see current and former Mets’ signatures and collectibles, it’s a fun visual tour.

Picture_0881 Picture_0921 


Picture_0761 Finally, of course, we have my contribution to the Coop, Will, Zoe tradition. Part 1, Part 2. Part 3:

Afternoon quickie: A much needed LAUGH.

Care of Cerrone at Metsblog, you’ve got to check out this hilarious video of Paul Lo Duca: ESPN Correspondent. 


And much needed.

Thanks Matty!



Toasty Joe’s friend Tom sits just down the row!

The blue and orange

A 9th inning rally would lift our spirits, even if the team couldn’t quite go the distance

Still, 6 runs in the bottom of the 9th = HEART.

Will comes to visit the Coop box

It was a tough game to watch, hence the frown.

Cory, a blog reader, stops by to say hi!