October 2007

Happy Halloween!

More on baseball soon. But for now…


Really, Cleveland? Still?

It’s Monday night, and I’m here watching game 3 of the ALCS. As a Mets fan, I feel it’s my duty to root for the underdog. So I’m kinda gunning for the Indians. But every time I see their caps, with that logo on it, I simply can’t believe they haven’t changed it.

IndiansI think the Cleveland Indian may just be the most racist logo still in our popular culture. It’s worse than Aunt Jemima. His skin is literally red. He’s got the "sambo smile."

Hey Kenny Lofton just knocked out a 2-run homer. Cool and all, but still, I can’t help but cringe at the face on his sleeve and cap.

And oh, the fans with their faces painted red and feathers in their headbands? The glittery signs of the smiling Indian? Really? Come on, Cleveland. I think it’s time to let the logo go.



SNL does Willie and Omar

"Willie Randolph" and "Omar Minaya" made an appearance on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update this past Saturday. The sketch itself wasn’t particularly clever, but I figured it was worth a screen shot.

Um…have they looked at Omar Minaya lately? He does not have a George Michaelesque ceasar haircut.


A favorite Nutty Keith moment of 2007

Picture_249_2 Oh, Keith Hernandez, king of the non sequitur. This from August 18th, 2007 (picture not related).

The context: Speaking of Damion Easley’s devestating ankle injury, Gary Cohen quotes Willie Mays as saying "Baseball belongs to the young."

Keith Hernandez responds directly as such:

"I always had these dreams—they’re recurrant. That I’m late to the ball park, and the game has started, and I’m not even close to the ball park. And I’m just worried that the manager is going to be furious with me. And I have dreams that I’m up at the plate, and I can’t see the ball, and I can’t hit anymore. And they’re recurrant. And I wake up, and I’m very agitated."

At your home in Florida now, sleep well, sweet Keith.



Mets clean up…just not on the field

Carlos Delgado packs his mitt.

Carlos and cast hold a Jeter jersey…and Cerrone explains why.

John Maine giving his last clubhouse interview of the year…and yes, the SI cover hurts. Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of SI cover curse?***** you, Sports Illustrated. Dammmmnnnnn youuuuu.

Johnny says goodbye to the Shea staff.

Moises Alou looks sad.

Before he leaves Shea for perhaps the last time.

SNK does a great job wrapping up the status of our players. We had no idea that John Maine pitched the whole year with pain in his hip.

And Scott Schoeneweis starts a new bout of troubles now with accusations of past steroid abuse. But considering that they’re looking at 2003-2004, I can’t imagine this will much affect his status with the Mets. Still, it’s another stab at an already beat-*******-up team.

Regroup, boys. Take a breather in the offseason. HEAL. And turn 2007 on its head for next year.



Our season has not yet come.

2007_loss_1With every Mets loss over the past two weeks, I still believed they would pull it together. When Johnny Maine nearly pitched a no-hitter on Saturday, and the boys spit out runs like they were sunflower seeds? I was so sure we’d bash out another win on Sunday and show those Phillies who they’re dealing with. I just knew it.

But this year was not meant to be.

I hate that the Phils won the division. Hate it. The Phillies make me want to lift weights so I can punch something and actually have an impact. But I have every faith that next year our boys will come back strong. The Mets thrive as underdogs. They turn it up when there’s something to prove. Now they’ve got a whole lot to prove, and I know they’ll come back fighting hard next year.

We are underdogs again. And everyone involved with our team will make sure that 2008 will be ours. Omar will do whatever it takes to fill in the holes we may be missing. If I had to choose a Mets slogan for 2008? It’d be Game on.

I’ve still got loads of pics and snippets of SNY dialogue I never got around to posting, so stay tuned over the next few weeks to relive some of the fun and tender moments of 2007.

Our season will come.