December 2007

Blog, I’ve missed you!

After hanging out with my girl Coop last night, I’ve been inspired to return to this here blog after a bit of an unplanned hiatus. But me and a couple of my girls have big plans for 2008, starting with what will be the Most Awesome Trip to Port St. Lucie Ever. God I miss baseball.

Go figure David Wright wins the Gold Glove. Although I wouldn’t have called it, I say good for D-Wright. He truly proved himself last year–overcoming a brutal slump early on and continuing to play his heart out every game toward the end, when the chips were down and only sinking further. David Wright’s September performance has earned him a place as my current favorite Met. A tricky choice when you’re female because everyone just assumes your fave will be the pretty boy. Honestly, I much more value his pretty baseball.

My second favorite Met? Johnny Maine. I’ve always loved the kid. He nearly kept us in it at the end there, reaching down for an almost-no-hitter in the midst of what we later learned was an unhealthy time for him. Seems Maine didn’t have surgery for his hip, so I’m hoping that won’t be a nagging problem for him in the future. Matty linked to this story over at Metsblog about some dude posing as John Maine to get tables at posh clubs and ask women to give him their clothing. Um…clearly clubs don’t know John Maine, or they’d know homey’s not quite the after-hours type. Of course the story’s false, but certainly good for a chuckle.

Mostly my Mets thoughts have lately gone something like this: Wait, why didn’t we get pitching for Lastings? His stock must have dropped. Then again, Schneider seems like a good get, and I’m glad to have him. But who’s going to be our new big bat? And for goodness sake, I’ll believe the Santana thing when I see it. For now, I will revel in:

No more Mota Face!