January 2008

More Santana!!

With every passing hour, I get more excited about our newest Met. I’m feeling so giddy that I haven’t even got the patience to photoshop something cute and clever, so I’ll just refer you to Matt’s awesome "1986 Topps Santana card".

The beauty of this deal is that there’s (so far, fingers crossed, back off Evil Eye!!!) no bad side. In fact, I can only keep coming up with gleeful benefits. We’re paying basically the same money Barry Zito got last year–and we know how that turned out–but our dude is worth it. Johan’s still young, he’s healthy (don’t even think it, Evil Eye!), and he’s the best pitcher in baseball!

But even better–if it’s possible!–will be the mental effect on our team. Can you imagine going into ’08 with the psychological remnants of last September still intact? No matter what they said or did, our boys would be entering the season as losers (in the actual sense of the word), with basically the same guys on board. I can only imagine how hard it would have been to turn that around in their minds. But with one lucky, ballsy move by Omar (ballsy in that he refused to part with more), suddenly there’s a whole new energy in that clubhouse. Almost as important as his arm, Johan Santana has given our team hope.

We’re a team with Pedro Martinez as its number two pitcher. That’s just so very, very awesome.


So starts “Santana Chapter Two,” entitled:

"Living up to the hype."

Yes, that’s what our (our!!!) Johan has to look forward to in NYC. But for now I say, YAY!!! On June 19th of last year, I took my friend Diane to Shea. I was so excited–maybe she’d catch the Mets bug too and join me all the time at the Blind Pig to watch games, drink, eat…what could be better?

Except, guess who pitched that game against us? Our boys played like ****, and Santana pitched a 4-hitter that was just so painful. Diane had plenty of fun–"It’s the experience!" she told me. I could barely watch. The highlight of that day? Briefly meeting Omar Minaya in the elevator before the game. Diane took a pic, and I glowed. Until Santana took the mound.

If I were to take a pic with Omar now, I’d be hugging him–as I’m sure plenty of dudes would today too. And if Omar pulled this off while keeping Pelfrey and Fernando Martinez, as will be confirmed with the contract extension? What a **** of a trade, especially in today’s market. It’s like the Twins had a blowout sale and we fought off every other crazed shopper.

Coop and I have our spring training tickets. Our hotel reservations. Our flights set.

Are you as excited as I am!?


What do we think?

Does a Photoshop makeover axing the famous mullet and the less famous but equally noticeable curly bangs work for our Zen master pitching instructor?