March 2008

Metstradamus and Me

We run into John, aka Metstradamus, in his Zeile jersey!

Vero Beach, baby!

This is my very unattractive yet very excited “JOHN MAINE’S PITCHING HAND IS ON MY SHOULDER” face.

This dude could not have been nicer, more gracious, or more humble. The nicest guy on the team that we met for sure!

With Duaner Sanchez shortly before he buys our group of friends food and beers

Right after I said “Smile, you have such a lovely smile!” And yes, Jose Valentin does!

Me and Matty at Matty’s Duffy’s bash

Coop and Joe of

Me and Anderson Hernandez, or as Coop calls him Andy  Hernandy.

Fan Eric stops by to say he enjoys the blog  :-)