Quick placeholder about yesterday’s game

CrazyMetGirl thinks the umpires were out for retribution against us for Brian Runge’s suspension. Here’s what I thought Saturday (with a half-hearted attempt at making it more decent via photoshop) about the umpires:

Picture 686-1.jpg
Back to Shea this afternoon to see the final game vs. the Yankees. Come on, Ollie. Make it up to us. Focus. Care.


OK, so clearly it’s ME! I can’t go to games anymore… I’m bad luck!!! Hope you had fun today:-)

Thanks again for yesterday… rain delay and all, still fun!

oh dear i hope it’s not you!! altho i must say there were many of the “crew” in attendance at this game–Cerrone, Lynn, Coop–who are often there when we win…

hmmm, know any de-voodooing spells my dear? we gotta get your mojo back stat!

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