Aw, thanks!

Thanks to you readers for making Pick Me Up Some Mets not only the most-visited Mets blog at this season, but also the most-visited fan blog of any team. I’m glad we got the Mets up there at the top!

Considering all the awesome Mets bloggers I know and read, it’s safe to say that we Mets bloggers, at least, are wayyyyy over 500😉




Congratulations! I try to stop by every day. Love the insight. Now, if we can only get the team up to the top too. Keep up the great work!

CONGRATS! Normally I am the kind of person who reads blogs and forums, and never comments or posts anything. And I have to say that I postively love reading your blog…so a huge, huge congrats from a mets fan down here in Texas! I think I’ll have to start commenting more often. To copy the person before me, “keep up the fabolous work!”

Congrats Zoe!🙂


Awww, thanks for the sweet words!!

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