November 2008

Eddie! And company!

Come these past September call-ups, I remember asking myself: Where’s Eddie Kunz?

I assumed the powers-that-be thought it was too soon to bring the Mets 2007 #1 draft pick back after his brief turn in the bigs, just days before. He’d had some good moments and some ones I’m sure he’d like to take back, but all in all I knew I wanted to see more of the kid. If he’d been around in September, would our every bullpen woe have turned around? Well, no. There were just too many of those woes. So perhaps in the end it was better not to bring him up to become a part of what was a pretty beleaguered bullpen.

Maybe we’ll see Eddie next year, after he works on his pitches in the Arizona Fall League and then the B-Mets, or maybe the year after. Will he be our closer someday perhaps? In the meantime, we can hear how his–and his teammates’–work is going because guess what?

Eddie Kunz is an mlblogger! And he seems to be excited about it! Well, Eddie, we’re excited to have you🙂

What’s more? 2008’s latter half darling, Daniel Murphy, even took a guest blogging swing at it.

And so here I will tell the Daniel Murphy story that will likely not make my soon-to-come recap of that last Saturday game at Shea, Sept. 27th, the truly amazing Johan 9-inning shut out. I was in the picnic area that day with the GKR team, and I took a few moments to go underneath the bleachers to watch the outfielders about as up close as you can probably get to them. Separated by mesh fencing, I still tried to get a great pic of D-Murph, out there in left. Would he turn around? Come on, Daniel, let’s see that face!

A few of the rowdy guys around me started shouting: “Come on, Daniel! She wants a picture! Turn around, she wants a picture!”

And it was the sweetes thing. He turned his head. That particular shot was blurry, alas, but I thought it was very nice that D-Murph acknowledged us nutty fans yelling behind him (ok, I wasn’t yelling, but I think I did yell back “thank you!”) and obliged.

Here’s a little montage of Murphy pics from that day.
Keep on reading up at Eddie’s (Kunzie’s?) blog!

Picture 132-1.jpg


Picture 135-1.jpg

Returning…first with a gift of thanks!

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I guess I needed to take October off to stay away from baseball a bit. And, well, the end of October didn’t exactly go how we Mets fans wanted it to…But stay tuned, because I am BACK. Back with more to come soon, including words of wisdom from some of the team’s younger talent, more pictures from my final weekend at Shea, including tons from the actual warning track, and…for real…the possibility of an actual duel soon to come…

Check back tomorrow!