February 2009

Citi Field will be just gorgeous!


There’s no other way to say it: Citi FIeld makes me giddy. Picture a crisp but comfortable late winter day–after so many months away from any ballpark at all!–wandering around the seats at the Mets’ magnificent new home, taking in the view from all sorts of angles, sitting in what will soon be all of our green plastic perches for hours upon hours–now with new, improved leg room. It’s possible I jumped up and down a couple times, but I don’t think anyone saw me.

The tour is awesome. And let’s all thank GaryKeithandRon.com for making it possible! (Speaking of, I wore this comfortable, very well-fit long sleeve tee during the tour, a personal favorite.)

Picture 126y.jpgIf you are on the fence about buying a ticket plan, then let me say do it, and do it soon. The Mets are offering seat tours to help you decide where to purchase, although I believe you must make a $50 deposit on a plan. All information is available at 708-507-TIXX. And by the way? The fun starts right at the ticket sales offices, whose windows look down onto Shea’s former, beloved Home Run Apple (the original!), pictured here.

I personally preferred the 3rd base side, which offers a better view of the scoreboard and Diamondvision, and also the right field porch–a new feature you may have heard about. If you can score a porch seat in foul territory, you may just be catching balls right and left. You feel like you’re right there, a part of the action.

Picture 146y.jpgMy favorite area was the Excelsior level, Caesar Club section. Even just the regular Caesar Club seats (shown right), without the bronze, silver, gold, or platinum designation, are well worth getting–and they include access to the Caesar Club itself, which looks like it will be a fine dining establishment when it’s done, and also the smaller, separate bar. Unfortunately, the Club doesn’t look out onto the field, but there will be TVs everywhere, and it’d still be one helluva place to wait out a rain delay.

Promenade boxes, which you might describe as the lower upper deck, also offer just a gorgeous view and include club access, but even the upper tank–or Promenade–would be a decent investment (though without a club restaurant). The lower rows of the Promenade have a view comparable to Shea’s mezzanine. I only saw up to the 3rd row, though, because that’s where Rob’s seats are…which will likely also be my seats for at least some of the season.

Picture 149y.jpgTake a look at the baseline field level seats, too–you’ve heard that unlike at Shea, these seats point toward the pitcher’s mound and home, and let me tell you it makes a huge difference.

Here’s your new ballpark, folks. It’s going to be amazin’. And I know I’m not the only one holding my breath with hope that it sees a championship very, very soon.

(Oh, and guess who I saw coming out of the building right as I was going in? SNY’s own construction correspondent, Danny Sessa. He’s a sweetheart, and we briefly discussed how Kevin Burkhardt is one of the nicest guys on the planet. Danny says he and Kevin are due for one more Citi Field segment, so stay tuned! That’s Danny in the first picture there. You’ll also see Metsie, in his extraordinary Promenade seats right behind home plate.)

Picture 125y.jpgPicture 127y.jpg

Picture 159y.jpg
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Port St. Lucie by Proxy

TracyPSL7.jpgSince I am stuck in NYC (you may weep for me), I am experiencing spring training virtually, via Tracy (whom we know fondly as CrazyMetGirl). Her facebook updates and pictures have kept me so in touch with the PSL experience, it’s almost as if I were…okay, fine, it’s nothing like I’m there. But it’s still totally worth sharing.

Tracy and her son Ryan got to hang at Duffy’s during Kevin Burkhardt’s live broadcast last evening, and she sent us these pics to enjoy of Big Burk, Big Pelf, and…50s army dad (isn’t that what he looks like here?) Dan Warthen.

To see more about last night’s Duffy’s Hot Stove, don’t miss Matty’s video, a must-see featuring a priceless exchange with Kevin Burkhardt, who’s looking pretty stud-like in his promo poster and apparently hearing a lot about it…




Tracy further reports that when Ryan approached WFAN’s Ed Coleman (pictured above), the radio broadcaster could not have been nicer and spoke to Tracy and Ryan like they were old friends, even sending over a round of drinks later. What a stand-up guy, Ed!

Then, today, Tracy got to take pics of the team work-out. Oh, Tradition Field, how I wish I could be there too! But for those of you stuck up north with me, here are some of Tracy’s amazin’ pics. Many thanks to her for sharing. And many waves of jealousy headed south in her direction.









Games soon! Even if they don’t count! Games!

Picture 187use.jpgLast year around this time, I was in Port St. Lucie, along with my fellow Girls of Spring, having the time of my life. Today, Matty Cerrone and CrazyMetGirl, two of last year’s PSL buddies, are there, but I’ll have to skip the trip this year. Which is so sad! I’ll miss Duffy’s! And Tradition Field! And Hurricane Wings! And more Duffy’s (because really, that’s just the highlight of the trip, and now featuring Kevin Burkhardt, whom we love).

BUT. I’m still feeling pretty giddy. Sure, the season hasn’t started yet. But baseball has. I can DVR Sportsnite again, and read a million updates on Metsblog, and see new footage of my favorites–Johnny Maine! Johan! David and Jose!–every single day, and soon…oh, blessed soon…there will even be spring training games! With our GKR team! I was in the Blind Pig yesterday (anyone who’s read this blog for any length of time knows that’s my favorite Mets bar hangout), and they greeted me like a long lost friend. “Will you play spring training games?” I asked buoyantly, “You know it,” I heard in response. Games!

In truth, spring training games are tough to watch in full, but they offer such rare little thrilling moments, and–more interesting to watch–moments you may never see during the regular season. Beyond getting a first glimpse at a hot prospect or possible future unexpected star, you get to witness the experiments. Jose batting third (huh?), Daniel Murphy trying out 2nd (I’m hoping, just to see what he can do), erm…Luis Castillo not sucking (we’re all hoping on that one).  It’s these little moments–these lab rat experiments–that I’m going to be keeping a keen eye on for future blog reports. Well that…and anything that’ll make us all laugh, of course. Because when the games don’t count and the pressure’s at its lowest, that’s when our boys can have some pure baseball fun.

And you know what? With the news and CNN broadcasting such bleak reports, with headlines everywhere spelling world doom? Good grief, I’m going to be so friggin’ relieved to flick that button on the remote and just turn on my Metsies. Mets, you’re back!

Make sure to keep an eye on Matty’s updates from PSL as he reports top notch play by play of the spring training experience. And I’ll see if CrazyMetGirl will let me post some of her pics, which I’m sure she will!

Here are some awesome shots of how Mike Pelfrey spent his off season. Congrats, Mikey!

Picture 846.jpgPicture 843.jpg

And yup, if you guessed Daniel Murphy for last post, you get a gold star!

Guess Who?

Will he be a major player for our offense in ’09?? Will he continue to perform beyond expectations defensively? Who is this beloved (so far!) Met?

Picture 833.jpgPicture 837.jpg