March 2009

Santana does Horowitz

A break from the Citi Field excitement to share this gem from tonight’s grapefruit league game. Sometimes I think Kevin Burkhardt coaxes these moments out of our players just to give me my favorite things to blog about!

Here’s an impression of Mets PR guru Jay Horowitz from our own Johan Santana. Or, as Gary Cohen called him, “The Frank Caliendo of Cy Young Award Winners.”

Nice outing from Ollie Perez this game. I think we all needed to see that!

Citi Field menus–pricing included!

I had an absolute blast roaming around Citi Field yesterday at the St. John/Georgetown game, and I will provide a full report soon. But in the meantime, I figured I’d give you what I know you want: The menus.

This isn’t all of them, but it’s some of the most awesome stuff. The Shackburger was delicious, Blue Smoke fries some of the best I’ve had. I want me some of those tacos, that spiced corn on the cob, and a Shake shack milkshake. Yum!

The first 3 menus are from Shake Shack and Blue Smoke:

Picture 165.jpg
Picture 088.jpg

Picture 164.jpg

Picture 169.jpg
Picture 173.jpg

Picture 189.jpgPicture 157.jpgPicture 156.jpg

Picture 209-1.jpg

Two must-sees on SNY

We love Gary Cohen, that’s a given. But let’s say he can’t make a broadcast. Let’s say…in that cozy broadcast booth at Tradition Field…it’s just Ron and Keith. Left to their own devices. Two characters lacking a straight man.

Oh, this will be good.

I’ve got the DVR set to SNY at 7PM tonight, and for the first time I’m considering the game second fiddle. Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling covering both color and play by play. I anticipate pricelessness. Don’t miss it!

Then tomorrow, Saturday, make sure to catch what I’m hearing through the SNY grapevine might be one of the best episodes of Mets Weekly yet. If you’ve seen the promos, you have perhaps seen Daniel Murphy decked out in tennis whites and McEnroe-era sweatband challenging Julie Alexandria to Wii tennis. The dude will hit anything. Baseball, tennis ball, I’m guessing hand ball, maybe even marbles! Not something I’m going to miss. Also you’ll get to know new 3rd base coach–and all around character, from what I gather–Razor Shines. And there’ll even be an appearance from our blogosphere’s own Matt Cerrone (or as we affectionately call him, “TV’s Matt Cerrone.”)

So catch this week’s Mets Weekly at 12:30 Saturday, re-airing at 6:30 PM. Julie Alexandria’s been a great addition–I would have much preferred her to Jocelyn Pierce last year, and I can’t imagine I’m in the minority! Plus, she sent me this sweet message on facebook, “Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and your insights on the Mets clubhouse. Thanks!” Awww. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Julie does with the show. Finally we have a true Mets fan host! By fans for fans!

And! Yes, I’m attending the first ever baseball game at Citi Field, the St. John’s-Georgetown game this Sunday. Expect some awesome pics!!  

Jose nuzzles Luis

This is rather delayed, from Sunday’s preseason broadcast, but it was pretty darn cute and so still worth sharing. During an interview between Luis Castillo, Kevin Burkhardt, and Ron Darling, Jose Reyes (back in street clothes already!) had some…fun with Castillo’s arm.

Kudos to Luis for keeping a straight face while Jose nuzzled and even seemed to kiss his upper arm. At one point, Fernando Tatis got in on the action too, straining to be seen behind Luis’s back. A fun dug-out moment. And because Castillo hasn’t been sucking in spring training, one we can maybe smile at without huge doses of resentment…

Picture 901.jpgPicture 900.jpg

WBC USA vs. PUR 3/17: Watch the walk-off, and more!

First of all, if you missed the D-Wright walk off hit last night, you must watch it here. If you did see it? You must watch it again. What an ebullient moment. What a win. It’s easy to imagine David counts it among the best in his life. Keep watching to the end of the clip to see J.J. Putz find D-Wright and shout something like, “My boy!”

I tried to upload a later, slo-mo clip from another angle, where you can see that the first 3 teammates to embrace David wholeheartedly are Derek Jeter, Shane Victorino, and Kevin Youkilis, but the playback came up blank. The Jeter thing I found rather sweet, I admit. The Victorino? Erm, a bit harder to handle. Youk taking off D-Wright’s batting helmet with a big goofy smile? Adorable. (I’ll try uploading the clip again later, see if it works better.)

Not to mention that D-Wright’s clever, skillful head-first slide into home scored a previous run for USA. And on the Puerto Rican side? Carlos Beltran leaped for one of his unbelievable catches at the outfield wall, robbing Brian McCann of a likely home run, and Delgado’s 2-run dinger took away an early USA lead to tie up the game. Let’s just say, with the Mets on both teams? What a helluva friggin’ game. Without the Mets? Eh, woulda been bubkis.

Okay, boys. Let’s keep this up during the actual season, mmkay?

During the excitement after the amazin’ win, Yahoo! Sports reports a touching story about an army veteran who was badly wounded in the Middle East (and who’s a rabid Mets fan), and how he spent an unexpected half hour celebrating with Team USA last night. It’s worth reading! Players’ quotes about the game itself include this, from Brian McCann: “That was the greatest game I’ve ever been a part of. Ever.”

* * * * *

On a completely different note, I’m so glad to have Gary Cohen back for our preseason play by play! I wholeheartedly love Kevin Burkhardt, but nothing compares to Gary’s vast knowledge and humor, and his chemistry with Ron and Keith. Today, Ronnie and Gary were joking that SNY needs a whole program just for Terrell Owens and A-Rod news. Gary: “But if you had that show, the T.O. A-Rod Hour, which one gets the mirror?”

Hahaha! If you don’t know what Gary’s referencing, it’s A-Rod’s ridiculous, self-loving photo spread in Details Magazine, Apparently these pics were taken after A-Rod’s steroids-centric ESPN interview, but before the public press conference. Just…bizarre.

I quite enjoyed Jimmy Fallon’s take on the situationšŸ™‚

Picture 853.jpg

John Maine is so hard on himself!

maine hand.jpgSo far, spring hasn’t been so kind to John Maine, but I’m not worried. He’s coming back after surgery, just starting to get his groove back. He says he’s pitching with no pain; he feels good. But poor Johnny is just so hard on himself!

We all know Carlos Delgado keeps a journal, and lately those with keen eyes will have seen Daniel Murphy jotting notes in a similar one. Now, an anonymous source sent me a copy of John Maine’s journal. The one he keeps off the field…

Excerpt from the journal of John Maine:

Woke up at 7:08 today. I pressed snooze once, and I didn’t intend to do that, but I feel good.

I burned the toast, threw the oven mitt on the floor. I can make better toast–I know I can. I’ll have to do better next time.

Why couldn’t I finish my crossword puzzle? Four squares empty. I can do the whole crossword. I don’t know what happened. Those squares just got away from me. I’m mad.

Pelf beat me to warm up today. How could I let that happen? Must drive faster tomorrow.
Knew I shouldn’t have pressed snooze.

Something’s off with Team USA…

wright4.jpgHere’s David Wright, in a rather unflattering moment, so you might just have to trust me. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? No, not “USA” on his chest, he’s thrilled about that. I mean that I’m a tad confused by David Wright’s choice of uniform number as part of Team USA. Why 4, David? You’re 5. We know and love you as 5. My first assumption was that someone else wanted 5, and the ever-gracious David gave up his number. But a check of the roster shows this is not so. So…why? Does anyone know why D-Wright’s suddenly a 4? [Update!] Cerrone answered the question: Davey Johnson, the manager, is wearing #5, but not listed on the roster. Thanks, Matt!

I must admit that I’m on the side that thinks the World Baseball Classic gets in the way of preparing a team for the beginning of the season, but I can’t say I feel especially strongly about it.

What I do have trouble with? Rooting for a team that includes division rivals Chipper Jones, Jimmy Rollins, and Shane (oh I can’t stand him) Victorino. Can I really root for these guys? Sure, I’m used to seeing rival players as part of the National League team during the All-Star game, but then I kind of have no choice. Yes, I must root for the NL, because clearly the Mets will have an awesome September…and wind up in the World Series…and need homefield advantage…and…shut up.

So I’m kind of ambivalent about the WBC, then. I’m not dying to watch the games, but I probably will. I’ll hope D-Wright gets a homer or two in his odd #4 jersey; I’ll hope Putz becomes an 8th inning star or a temporary closer. And…I’ll maybe just change the channel when Victorino’s square, smug face fills my screen. Either that, or I’ll make sure I’ve got a cocktail handy.


A t-shirt post

As you likely know, I work closely with, where the first two women’s designs of the ’09 season can already be pre-ordered here! I think they’re both super adorable, and not just because I wrote one of them (“I wait for Gary’s call”).

GKR 09 1.jpg
GKR 09 2.jpg

Also, don’t miss GKR’s new “sale rack” section–all tees there are $10! A super steal. All proceeds benefit the Pitch in for a Good Cause Foundation, which supports Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling’s favorite charities.

More recently, The-Wright-Stuff also started a t-shirt line to benefit–what else!–the David Wright Foundation. Selling slogans with attitude, 100% of profits will go straight to David Wright’s beloved charity. One thing’s for certain, I’m sure not messing with the Johan! This one made me chuckle: “Sorry Denzel…Jerry’s the original American gangsta!” 

Some fun off-field spring training moments

I’f you’ve been reading this here MLBlog for any length of time, you know some of my favorite Mets moments happen off-field. Here’s one with John Maine, as he tries to put Kevin Burkhardt out of a job. What I love about this is how much fun both Johnny and Burkie seem to be having:

But also, we must talk about this. I think Keith has done this just for us.

Picture 849.jpgSee? Even his forehead has a mustache!

Picture 849-1.jpgAnd finally, talk about Citi FIeld photographs! Baseball Fever’s Chris Swann posted this link on facebook, and it’s breathtaking. You can even see areas of the ballpark you and I will likely never see in person, like the visitor’s clubhouse, showers, and so very much more. It’s a must-see for any Mets fan or stadium geek. Thanks Chris!