Some fun off-field spring training moments

I’f you’ve been reading this here MLBlog for any length of time, you know some of my favorite Mets moments happen off-field. Here’s one with John Maine, as he tries to put Kevin Burkhardt out of a job. What I love about this is how much fun both Johnny and Burkie seem to be having:

But also, we must talk about this. I think Keith has done this just for us.

Picture 849.jpgSee? Even his forehead has a mustache!

Picture 849-1.jpgAnd finally, talk about Citi FIeld photographs! Baseball Fever’s Chris Swann posted this link on facebook, and it’s breathtaking. You can even see areas of the ballpark you and I will likely never see in person, like the visitor’s clubhouse, showers, and so very much more. It’s a must-see for any Mets fan or stadium geek. Thanks Chris!


I know if there is ever anything funny/amusing that goes on during a broadcast I can come here and it will be posted. I love the John Maine moment!

Congrats on being #19 on the latest leader’s list!


Zoe, maybe Keith was attacked by the infamous MLB monobrow: (modeled here by members of the Chicago Cubs)


Julia, 19? Ouch, how I’ve fallen–I was #1 on the first list. But…well…I spent an off-season doing very little, so I’ve got to get back on course!🙂

Ha!!! I love the interview video, and I was just thinking about how Keith’s head had a mustache too, Mets fans think alike!

LOL about Keith’s ‘do. Is he still in those commercials with Clyde where they go, “Re-jected?” I don’t see them here in CA.

Haha, you mean Just for Men, Jane! He’s their biggest spokesmodel, and from what I hear he’s contractually obligated to keep his mustache (the one on his face, not his forehead, hair not included) dyed at all times. I haven’t seen the commercials lately, but I’m sure they’ll be back during the season!🙂

Haha, I saw Maine interview Kevin Burkhart too and loved it! Nice to find someone else that loves stuff like this as much as me.

Also, great shots of Citi Field, I wish that I actually lived in NYC so I could get season tickets, but I’ll just have to settle for one or two trips this summer. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to take the virtual tour though!

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