Mets practical jokes: Omir cream pie and Johan cup head

Checked my DVR of last night’s postgame show this morning to find this gem involving JJ Putz “congratulating” Omir Santos on his monster grand slam. How’s that taste, Omir? Good, good, good!

But that wasn’t this week’s only team practical joke. Way back on June 30 2007, I captured the first case of “bubble gum cup head” in the dugout: David Wright getting Ramon Castro good. Since then, Ramon has taken up the cause more than once. His latest victim? Our beloved Johan Santana. One of the few laughs during that game, with Ollie pitching a clunker to the Nats. My fave part is when Johan nestles down between Ollie and Tatis, his arms draped over their legs, his cup hovering uninhibited between them.

Picture 883.jpgPicture 884.jpg
Picture 885.jpg


Thanks so much for the video! I’m away at college right now, so I have to settle for watching the Mets games on, which is fine, except that I don’t get the post-games show. So glad I finally got to see JJ pie someone!

that was fun to watch. remember when someone, I think it was Putz, pied someone during a Mets Hot Stove from Port St. Lucie back in Februrary. I like that attitude on the club. It’s loose. It’s fun. I can win.

Ha that’s funny. Not quite as good as the Ron Darling prison photos from below! Too bad Keith wasn’t there.


Wow, that’s pretty funny! Santana looks great with a cup on his head!

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