2009’s “Your Season Has Come.”

454404340_f885888568.jpgSoooooo remember the Mets’ slogan of 2007? That brassy, cocky declaration that “Your season has come”? The Mets have since learned their lesson the hard(est) way, and they no longer base their slogans on events that haven’t happened yet. No, now that enough of the season has passed, the Mets’ crack marketing team has begun its work on the slogan for 2009. Our season has not come. So what will our slogan be instead?

Pick Me Up Some Mets has received these mock-ups exclusively from a source within the organization. Here are the slogan ideas in the running to capture the essence of 2009. Got a favorite?




winning shminning.jpg

Slogans that didn’t quite make the mock-up phase included, “Two hands!,” “Touch third!,” “62 Saves?” and “Watch out–Stairs!”

Oh, Mets.


I have one that I’ve been floating around for a few months. it’s not exactly a slogan for next year.

Mets 2012: Rejuvenated at 50!


Love these. Oddly enough, posted something similar at Upper Deck’s blog today: http://upperdeckblog.com/2009/08/o-pee-chee-baseball-2009-new-york-mets-checklist/.

What can you do, other than have a sense of humor about it?🙂

2009 Mets.
Your OFF SEASON has come.

2009 Mets;
Your OFF SEASON has come.

2009 Mets;
Your OFF SEASON has come.

Hilarious. Rough year for you guys, huh? I know those very well. When you’re healthy, next year, I can see you guys being something strong.

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