March 2010

Citi Field Wedding Bells

alg_mets_wedding.jpgCiti Field has now given a wedded couple their ultimate opening day–hopefully to a season of wedded bliss and not a surprise collapse. The occasion seems to have gotten Citi’s season off to a celebratory start.

So what do you get with a Citi wedding? Two Mets jerseys, a fan walk brick, your faces on the scoreboard, and a walk around the field. Guests enjoy an Acela club reception, with likely a pretty decent food menu. Ya know, this doesn’t sound so bad.

As for the “in sickness and in health” part of the ceremony? Let’s just stick with avoiding the word “sickness” within a square mile of Citi Field. No need to tempt the mojo.

Thanks to the Daily News for the link.

(No word on whether Mr. Met became ordained online to conduct the ceremony.)

Newsday on Gary Keith and Ron: A bright modern era

Always glad to see the media appreciating Gary, Keith, and Ron as much as we viewers do. A great article on the chemistry and craft of our modern-day Bob Murphy, Ralph Kiner, and Lindsey Nelson.

And right this instant, with Grapefruit League games officially about to start, the dulcet sounds of GKR fill my apartment, and I’m about to see our boys play for the first time in 2010. Let’s go Mets!

(Click for a larger, readable version of the image below)

image.jpgThank you, Lynn, for sharing!!