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Hilarious menu. See below for translation

Wagner Closing Kobe Beef Hot Dogs
Moises Alou Aged Black Angus Chili

Ron Darling’s Chipotle Glazed Ribs

Willie’s BBQ Pork Sliders

The Wright Brotwurst Cooked in Beer

Lee Mazzilli’s Hot & Sweet Sausage and Pepper Calzone

Jose Reyes; Chorizo, Bean, Cheese Nachos

Me and Metsblog boys Matt n Regis

Mets fan Khalid, who recognized me from high school!

Cow-Bell Man, of course

Matt n Regis of

SNY emcee dude

Do all these types of emcee dudes like to say “Make some no-oise!”?

Ronnie’s grabbing a beer before facing the crowd

8_14_07 SNY Hawaiian Tropic Zone viewing party

Mets bloggers get the party started for SNY.