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Rob expresses his mood using Carlos Delgado’s “Follow Your Dreams” wrist band.

Rob’s psyche doesn’t do well with Mets losses.

Although this expression better fits the game’s outcome.

At least I got this cute Mets ski cap!

LOVE! Rob says I look like a Mets snowboarder here.

Shawn Green gets a hit!

Run, Shawn, Run!

Good to see you play, Shawn Green. Looking forward to next time too.

Hi Bullpen!

Let’s hug Maine together, Rick Peterson.

I like Maine a lot, but this wasn’t his day. That’s okay Mainie! Next time!!

Hi Cliffy!!

He’s not playing in the game (wah), but he does tell us that his first car was his Mom’s 1978 gold something or other with a hole in the floor on the passenger side.

Where’s the phenom we’re supposed to see?