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Rob expresses his mood using Carlos Delgado’s “Follow Your Dreams” wrist band.

Rob’s psyche doesn’t do well with Mets losses.

Although this expression better fits the game’s outcome.

At least I got this cute Mets ski cap!

LOVE! Rob says I look like a Mets snowboarder here.

Good to see you play, Shawn Green. Looking forward to next time too.

Hi Bullpen!

Let’s hug Maine together, Rick Peterson.

I like Maine a lot, but this wasn’t his day. That’s okay Mainie! Next time!!

Shawn Green gets a hit!

Run, Shawn, Run!

Hi Cliffy!!

He’s not playing in the game (wah), but he does tell us that his first car was his Mom’s 1978 gold something or other with a hole in the floor on the passenger side.

Where’s the phenom we’re supposed to see?