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Rob Zoe, of course.

One of my faves, this one. Hi babe!

First time I see Shawn Green’s at bat photo on Diamondvision

Kid: Cute in ski cap.

Dad: Neither cute with ice cream nor happy with Zoe for taking the picture.

Greenie at bat

You’re quickly becoming one of my faves, Shawn!

Cute kid, sad face.

Reyes swings

Professor Reyes teaches us how to say “Rookie.”

As in, “Mets can’t hit against novato pitchers.”

Cow-Bell Man looks sad

But keeps on cow-belling.

Can Lo Duca stem the tide of bad pitching?

And is “stem the tide” an actual expression, or am I making that up?

Maine on the Diamondvision looking a bit…worried.