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Jon and Brian

Red Sox fans

Rob can’t get the bill fast enough.

Rob + Mets losing = Not so fun for Zoe

Hello nice Pick Me Up Some Mets reader!

If I had had one less drink, I’m sure I would have asked your name. But it was fun doing the Reyes-Delgado hand slap with ya!

Rob and Jon

Jon’s friend in CA grew up with Shawn Green and was at his wedding. If the friend visits, there’s a chance I could meet Shawnie. I might melt into a puddle of giddy goo.

Hi crowd!


I thought *I* was a good hugger, but Mets Grrl definitely gets the prize.

Anthony of Hot Foot and Matt of Mets Blog!

What good guys!

Our cups for the evening.


Trax…before it all went south.

McFadden’s outing for NLCS Game 3

The McFadden’s crowd brings its cheers. If only Trax had brought his stuff. Or the offense their bats.