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Do you love Endy’s reaction as much as I do?

And Woody’s double will ultimately take it 8-5! You go, Woody!

Hello Mota! Another great game for another former Dodger.

After Beltran gives us the 7-5 lead.

Happy Reyes after he scores to take us 7-5!!

And the fans go crazy as Lo Duca’s RBI gives us back the lead!

That’s RIGHT, LA!

A happy crowd after Reyes bats Green in to tie the game 5-5

Adorable Jose motions excitedly to Green to run on his way to first.

Our table buddies. Nice folks!

Hi Greenie! You mensch.

Good for him for admitting he wants it bad against the folks who traded him. And good for us for getting him! Great game, Greenie!

Bradford gets submariner low