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Trachs is almost done. But he did good by us.

Willie takes out Trachs. Hey! Palm trees! An odd baseball sight for a NY fan.

Willie Willie Bo Billy Banana Fanny Fo Filly…

The dining section, but we ate at our table by the bar. Yummy bar food!

Hi Willie! Love you!

Our little area of McF’s

Cliff’s strong. He’ll fight. But he’ll also want what’s best for the team in the end.

Tucker helped support my favorite Met as he left the dugout, and Woody followed holding Cliff’s shoe. They really stand by Cliff. God, I love this team.

Awww Cliffy.

Lo Duca came to rub his back at some point, and you could just see how the team loves our big guy.

Willie takes a look at our #30

Cliffy and the trainer. Oh Cliff! Ye of such heart!

I hate to see him in pain like that.