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Cliff scores on Green’s hit, but ohhhhh ****. He strains the Achilles.

In his blog, Cliffy said it felt like an ice pick was shoved in there.

The room’s starting to get excited…

Hi Pete! Our first table buddy of the night.

Pete graciously offers to take a pic of me and Rob. And then keeps taking a pic until we get a cute one.

Stevie T. does the job.

Rob thinks he should have been left in the game longer. But I trust Willie’s instincts.

Zoe and Rob: Aww.

One of the rare moments when I’m not kneeling or standing or jummping on the seat!

We get a table by the bar, and we’ll be sharing it with many fans throughout the night.

Hi Rob!

Delgado scores on Floyd’s hit!

D-Wright gets it done!

Driving in Beltran in the first to take the lead!

Carlos Delgado, postseason machine!

His 1st inning single advances Beltran to 3rd

Reader Dean and his buddy say, Hi Zoe!

Hi Dean!