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I think that’s who this is (in blue shirt). We like him!

Big Mota

Woody poses with a group of sisters.

Their father is watching, saying he’s “got goosebumps.” It was Woody’s wife who waved the girls over for a picture. She’s as nice as he is! A truly giving, sweet couple.

Woody’s sweet daughter hugs his legs. And his wife is the nice lady in the pink cap.

Woody keeps signing

Chris Woodward’s adorable daughter

She has his chin, and she is the cutest little girl you could see.

Chris Woodward goes right for the fans

He signs and smiles and poses for pics and smiles.

A Mets trainer

Hi Trainer!


I shouted out “Thank you” as he breezed past. I hope he didn’t think it was sarcastic because he didn’t sign an autograph. I meant it. Thank you, Omar, for our team.

Tucker tries to tuck out

No hellos, but lots of ear bling!